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Barcelona metro map translated into English that impresses on Twitter (not wasted)

A Map de Barcelona subway game showing the names of the seasons literally translated to English it did not take long go viral into Twitter. The image, which is his first publication goes back to the year 2016after returning to sweeping thanks to the account on ‘An Can Fanga Boig’which has funny translations like ‘Roth Bac’ (Bac de Roda), ‘Doyouunderstanda’ (Understand) or ‘Beautifulvitge Hospital’ (Bellvitge Hospital).

Down to the final details

The viral image of flat there is even the smallest min on the translation of his names. Not to leave space for the denominations originalson the map they change completely all an seasons the subway Barcelona.

While some versions of clear origin are visible, for example ‘Alphons X’ either ‘Winning arch’, there are also more elaborate others. It’s a case of urwhatwave (Urquinaone), ‘Beloved Viking’ (Viceroy Amat), ‘Saint Ilthebottom’ (Sant Idelfons) or ‘Littlebarskywave’ (Barceloneta). These and many other translations did not take long to echo on Twitter, where the publication already exists excess more of two thousand ‘I like it’.

recycled viral

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As recognized by his own Údar of the publication, the image was already shared in 2016. On that occasion, the user of the Reddit ‘u / theology’quoted by the account who shared the tweet, who was in charge of bringing this to life viral. Since then, the Map was modified By others userswho was in charge of maintenance updated the piece.

Now, six years subsequently, the image It’s back to spread social networksfor thousands of users debate what names they have given Surprisingly plus.