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Avoid problems when processing your dual nationality

Avoid problems when processing your dual nationality

Since 1998, the Mexican government allows its citizens to have them dual nationality. You can apply for citizenship in Mexican territory or from a consulate abroad.

According to national laws, everyone born on Mexican territory or has Mexican parents right to Mexican nationality.

In addition, the Mexican government, unlike the government of other countries, will not remove your nationality. In other words, if you are Mexican and have another nationality, You will still be in Mexico.

All the Mexican immigrant children in the USA they have the right to Mexican nationality, without exception. When they are registered at a consulate, they automatically get a nationality. To perform the procedure, a series of requirements must be met.

What problems can occur when processing Mexican nationality?

Consulates require a set of documents so that you can go through the procedure. It is common that it does not go ahead because of an error in the papers.

Documentation relating to the registration of a birth that took place abroad

Here are some of the reasons why your process won’t go ahead:

  • If you need a document

If one of the required documents is not carried, the process will not be carried out because it is necessary to validate all the information of the procedure.

  • If you do not present a document as requested by the consulate (copies or apostille)

For example, if a child is born in Texas, but his parents request the procedure at a consulate in Arizona, the certificate must be apostilled. The consulate only accepts certificates without an apostille if they are issued in the municipalities it serves.

In addition to the fact that the process does not proceed due to a lack of documents, it can cause legal problems for parents and children.

  • If the information required for the procedure is not in a transfer document

In some cases it is necessary to transfer documents. You must be careful that the translation contains all the information necessary for the process. For example, the full names, with both surnames, must be on the transfer record; that of the parents and their nationality. If it is not apostilled, they will not accept it either.

Documents needed to process Mexican citizenship:

  1. Minor’s local birth certificate:
    • The certificate must be apostilled if issued by a municipality not served by the consulate
  2. Presence of both parents if the couple is not married:
    • Marriage certificate if only one of the parents appears to be registering the child. If the record is not Mexican, it must be apostilled
    • If the mother is single and the father is not visible, the child’s record will contain only the mother’s surname
  3. Official Mexican document of the Mexican father and/or mother
    • Valid passport and color copy
    • Certified copy of birth certificate
    • Valid Mexican official ID with photo and copy
  4. A passport, and a copy, was issued to the father or mother who is a foreigner
  5. Two witnesses with identification and a copy of their respective identifications
  6. Personal appearance of the registrant
  7. Appearance of the father or mother, or both
  8. corresponding application
  9. Local birth certificate of the person acquiring dual nationality

A mistake in the procedure to obtain dual nationality may a double register of the person. It generates legal issues in the countries of your nationality.

If you need to passport valid or parents’ birth certificate, processed from your corresponding consulate. Remember that it is essential to get service in a consulate schedule one date. If the procedure did not go ahead, you must make a new appointment through it My Consulate.