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Yaydoo, the Mexican start-up that revolutionizes digital finance, is positioned as a Superhero

TOP Company has selected Yaydoo as its flagship company Yaydoo, the Mexican business payments startup that ensures, through its software, the financial flows of purchases, accounts payable and accounts receivable.

It should be noted that TOP Companies is the world’s largest firm in organizational culture diagnosis. Through Organizational Culture and Climate Evaluation, Yaydoo qualified satisfactorily in a variety of parameters, such as: Shared values ​​within the company, leadership, company policies, and social responsibility.

Aware of this, the company and its collaborators focused their value proposition on consolidating and consolidating the financial stability and digital transformation of small and medium-sized companies, a sector that has proven to be the engine of economic activity in the country, and more than 4.2 million generating companies 72% of jobs in Mexico, according to official data from INEGI.

Facing a market that demands greater automation of its processes, Yaydoo’s mission is to create technology that increases companies ’productivity and people’s well-being, helping them achieve financial prosperity through innovation.

“Being selected in this ranking is a recognition of the great work done by all the company’s collaborators. We are convinced that in order to make a positive impact on our clients, we must start by offering our staff the best working conditions. ” said Sergio Almaguer, co – founder and CEO of Yaydoo. “Our mission is to create technology that increases the productivity of companies and the well-being of people, and it is clear that the well-being of our employees is fundamental to achieving our mission,” he said.

The company has helped more than 50,000 Mexican companies simplify and improve their finances, digitizing transactions of more than 4 billion pesos through thousands of operations. Thus improving the liquidity and cash flow of its clients by up to 30%.

Human Capital and Talent, Essential for Growth
In August 2021, Yaydoo announced that it would raise its Tier A for $ 20.4 million from top international funds. The purpose of this investment was to promote human talent, maximizing product development and distribution to Mexican and Latin American markets, enabling it to grow exponentially.

“Human talent is a very important pillar of our growth, we are looking for people who share the company’s values ​​and encourage their development; this allows us to have a healthy work culture and strengthen our value proposition through innovation ”, added Almaguer.

Yaydoo is headquartered in Mexico and currently has more than 160 collaborators in 7 countries, covering Latin America and Europe under a 100% remote scheme so it continues to strengthen its culture, as a competitive, sustainable and humane organization, which is preparing to enter the Spanish Market in Latin America.

Digitization and automation of finance.
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