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What should you consider hiring an accountant to handle your finances

Life is often fast-paced and very busy today, so it is difficult to spend hours revising a statement.

If this is your case, or if you need advice in specific situations such as audits or simply your annual statement, consider these aspects when hiring the services of an accountant, according to Miguel Ángel Tavares, a member of the Council. Tax Technical Commission of the College of Public Accountants of Mexico.

Make sure he is certified in the field you need the service before the Institute of Public Accountants of Mexico. “If I need an auditor who is certified by the institution during an audit, the same for an accountant in tax matters or in accounting,” explained Tavares.

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Make sure you are affiliated with a college: Get together with colleagues from the same profession to exchange experience and knowledge so that they are kept up to date and current so that the professional can offer a good level of service.

accountant for your business

If what you need is someone who manages your company’s finances, consider having a degree in accounting or becoming a public accountant, who has knowledge of accounting, finance, taxes Y payrollso that you as the owner can make the right decisions in your company.

If your company is focused on the manufacturing sector, your accountant must also know about costs, so that they take care of your company’s interests in terms of supply and cost management. It is also important to know how to handle databases.

As a result of the loss of purchasing power due to the high levels of inflation in the basic basket products, more people joined the lines of requests for help from food banks to try to cover their basic needs.

As a result of the pandemic, it is estimated that the list of food bank beneficiaries has increased by up to 50%, on average. However, cases were observed where the increase was greater, for example the case of Chiapas thus doubling the number of beneficiaries.

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Despite the increase in the number of requests for help, the flow of donations has not increased to the same extent, said Mariana Jiménez, national director of alliances and social investment of the Food Bank Network, who shares that the ability to help to provide. minimum to more than 28 million Mexicans who suffer from food insecurity.

“Families always have the same resources to cover their needs and prices are rising. Therefore, their economic resources are not enough for food,” he said.


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