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The five essential ‘management’ books to enjoy this summer

The five essential ‘management’ books to enjoy this summer

Summer is synonymous with relaxation and it’s also one of the times of the year where we spend more time reading, thanks to the relaxing environments and more time we have, which undoubtedly facilitates escape and relaxation.

In addition to the usual literature and its sub-grains, the summer season can be a valuable time to tackle the world of business and those disciplines where we want to expand our knowledge.

From the establishment of basic notions in finance or entrepreneurship, to the latest trends in the world of marketing or sustainability, the titles revealed below can help to expand knowledge, progress in the professional career, new perspectives of success offer and give ideas. entrepreneur or businessman.

‘The Lean Startup method: How to create successful companies using continuous innovation’, by Eric Ries (Deusto). Essential reading for entrepreneurs and founders of any company. He not only discusses how to create a successful business, but also explains how to learn from business to improve almost any production system in our environment.

Ries helps to quickly understand what is working in a company and how to investigate what is not. The book provides a documented answer with powerful tools for companies to improve efficiency and learn how to reduce the chance of business failure by giving a scientific and practical approach.

‘Positive Net Impact: How Courageous Companies Succeed By Giving More Than They Take’, by Paul Polman and Andrew Winston (Profit). The essential book for creating profitable and sustainable businesses: net positive companies. Recognized as the best business book by leading international publications such as ‘Financial Times’ and ‘The Economist’, the book reveals the keys to building a successful business model that is committed to people and respects the environment.

Polman and Winston outline principles and practices for companies to survive and thrive, drawing on the experience of companies such as Unilever and other global organizations that have embraced sustainability and innovation.

‘Principles for coping with the new world order: Why countries succeed and fail’, by Ray Dalio (Deusto Collection). The times to come will be very different from what we have experienced so far, but they will be very similar to other stages in history.

The expert investor has studied the most important factors that influence the success and failure of countries and their markets. In his professional career, the author realized that major modern developments that did not happen before were, to a large extent, replicas of processes that happened many times in the past.

Dalio wanted to express some principles that are timeless universal truths, and which become a teaching to face any financial and business reality.

‘Constructive: How to make your products and ideas successful’, by Jonah Berger (Gestión 2000). The author reviews examples of products and ideas that have resulted in social epidemics and analyzes why they are only implemented in some cases.

Quality, price and advertising help with products and ideas, however, they do not explain why something is successful. Social influence and word of mouth are more effective than traditional advertising because they are more persuasive and direct.

These two elements have a significant impact on what we think, read, buy and do, therefore, they carry a huge weight when it comes to making products, ideas and behaviour.

‘Blue Ocean Strategy, by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne (Profit). New updated and expanded edition of this international bestseller. The authors show how to grow by creating new market spaces where there is less competition. For this, companies and entrepreneurs need to find their blue oceans, that is, perfect market niches to find new business spaces: they have not yet been exploited and competition is not a threat.

But you need to have a vision, be creative, be committed to innovation and be just as effective in planning and executing the project. In every blue ocean there are millions of clients waiting for new proposals.

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