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Philately is reviewed due to the acceptance of NFT by some of the rights offices

¿Philatelia? If you are a millennial, it is very likely that you have used Google to find out that palabra is dedicated to the collection and study of the job sellers.

the same search also shows the image of an aficionado in decline, More young people are more worried about their pants and the constant flux of dopamine that has recently come with TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and other popular social media platforms.

Dos postal services europeos han tratado de aprovechar la popularity delos non fungible tokens (NFT) en los ultimos unos for revitalizar el sector de la filatelia. Cointelegraph joined forces with PostNL de los Países Bajos y la Oficina de Correos de Austria (PostAG) at the Blockchain Expo de Ámsterdam to deepen its collaboration agreed with the postal outlets with the NFT.

La jefa de filatelia de PostAG, Patricia Liebermann, and the director of products PostNL, Sacha van Hoorn, the son of the duo vivaz whose name was one of the companies whose name is the vertebral column of renacimiento del coleccionismo de los postales impulado por NFT in both countries.

Liebermann y van Hoorn at the Crypto Stamp stand during the Blockchain Expo in Amsterdam

PostAG first explored the use of NFT postal sales in 2019 with real-world emissions with an NFT digital gemelo originally found on the Ethereum blockchain. In the following two years, the Austrian network office continued the project with the functionality of the campo cercano (NFC) communication chip introduced in 2021 to increase the functionality, verifiability and security of the network vendors.

Showing a sober and brief interest in philately, Liebermann described the initial idea very well and it was quickly adopted:

“In 2019, we came up with the idea of ​​holding a combined physical sale with NFT. Fue alucinante, and estábamos abrumados with all esos comentarios. That is to say: “What you need is the group associated with the following.”

Van Hoorn can continue to offer innovation to PostNL postal sales and explore the use of reality and artificial intelligence and artificial sales, each of the latest companies of NFT of PostAG on called the opposite company. Knowing that significant recyclers of the tiempo y desarrollo will be needed, collaboration will be created:

“Entries, and ensure contact with the Austrians in the first place, and experience the real opinion and conocimientos and prepositions: ‘¿Cómo lo hicieron?'”

The association concluded with the launch of a new issue of Crypto Stamps together, which is qualified as the first together issue of crypto sellos. También is the first issue of PostNL NFT sellos, con los sellos that are issued in the una variadé de colors respecivos de las banderas holandesa y austriaca. The stamps also present the national flora of the respective countries, with tulips and edelweiss and the fondo of the stamps of PostNL and PostAG.

Crypto is sold by PostAG y PostNL instead of Amsterdam RAI conventions

Varius Card, the director general of the chuyo, Michael Dorner, describes the specifics of the security and the conversation with Cointelegraph. La cuarta edición de los Crypto Stamps cuenta con rays ultravioleta invisibles and forensic security. An NFC chip is a proof of identity verification.

Dorner also related to the recent conversations that the mantuvo con austriacos de la vieja generación que eran ávidos usuarios de sellos and que conocieron los NFT a través de los Crypto Stamps de PostAG. They will have no experience of digital collections, but inevitably algunos abuelos pidieron a sus nietos que les ayudaran a audir el gemelo digital de sus sellos del mundo real.

“Llamaron a sus nietos and les dijeron: ‘¿Sabes lo que es un NFT?’. Y el nieto says: ‘Sí, ¿qué tienes?’. eran mar, ‘Abuelo, veamos qué color tienes'”.

Las tres personas creen que los postal sellos emparejados con NFT están conduciento a renacimiento de la philatelia, and Dorner describes the change due to the types of coleccionistas:

“Dos generaciones con dos features completamente diferentes se juntan, and hablan. It is based on the consideration, this is ‘coleccionista 3.0’.

The positive sentiments are also supported by the popularity of each release, with Dorner and Liebermann highlighting that all the previous collections were compared to NFT.

Dorner estimates that he has sold between 150,000 and 250,000 items of mail purchased with NFT since 2019, which suggests that the initiative could be one of the bigger NFT projects in the future. The latest edition of Crypto Stamps acuñada is on the Polygon blockchain.

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