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Canadian cryptographic rules were reviewed by animated Vitalik Buterin

Canadian cryptographic rules were reviewed by animated Vitalik Buterin

The IS Commission de Valores de Ontario ha impuesto new cryptography regulations limitando tired compras anuales 30,000 Canadian dollars for algunos ciudadanos. Hello el co-founder EthereumVitalik Buterinanimó a la communidad a rechazar esta norms segun Samuel Wan in Cryptoslate.

Buterin elogió a los members de la communidad por hablar en contra de las nuevas Canadian rules to limit las compras de kriptomonedas.

Between Canadian chambios Bitbuy and Newton it is imposing Annual purchase limits of 30,000 Canadian dollars (23,100 US dollars) in all tokens, except Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Under embargo, esto does not apply to residents of British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba or Quebec.

Algunos usuarios de las redes sociales señalaron que la personas affectedas pueden eludir las regulations carrying signs that are restricted, Intercambio is decentralized and intercombiando el token de su elección at transfiriendo.

It is the medium, the Commission de Valores de Ontario (OSO), which is a general critic of the various figures of the cryptography.

Protect OSO from los inversores

Newton, con sede en Toronto, published a notice detailing the new OSO ruleshe added that it is “large and many of the platforms canadiennes de commerce criptomonedas”.

El aviso explained that the OSO está trayendo los cambios para “protect los inversores i criptomonedas” y awareness raising sober los riesgos related to the inversion in criptomonedas. “Others can protect and convert to encryption, please, and for inversionistas old conscious de los riesgos asociados con la inversion en criptoactivos”.

Newton said that what Newton said is necessary. sus usuarios to complete a commercial question before they are allowed to work. This is done to gather information on the business experience of the routines, the personal financial situation and the risk tolerance.

The ace carteras will have levels of pérdida stablecidos assigned en funcio de la tolerancia al riesgo established en el questionnaire de negociación. Notifications of loss will be sent to the medium that can use the cards to specifically communicate it.

More reviews

El executive director of investment platform BnkToTheFuture, Simon Dixoncalled esto de “tonto”, ya que las regulaciones no tienen en cuenta el neto patrimonio de individuo.

Además, Dixon pointed out that las reglas, is excluyen ciertas fichas, create system of flat backs, in which eligen ganadores and perdedores. Esto goes against the competencia de los reguladores, que deben supervise with neutrality.

The mismo method, David Hoffman, executive director of Bankless kriptomonedas media, expressed in disbelief over the annual limit of 30,000 Canadian dollars for restricted signs. Dijo and tiene poco sentido greatly restricting the election of the assignment of los inversores.

But the internet and the dijo es alentador que la communidad de Ethereum exprese sus quejas, a pesar deque, en su a privileged positionthere is no particular effect in recent years.

Ethereum cotiza ar los 1.800 dollars al average and the media of 70 periods for debajo of the holidays.

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