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Alivio recorre Wall Street and registra alza weights in Ucrania

The activities in the Bolsa de Valores de Nueva York ended a turbulent week of operations with amancias al amplifiers expanding the sense of alivio sa mercado, but the cruentos attacks in Ukraine still continued.

Los precios del crudo bajaron agus los inversionistas se alejaron del oro y otros refugios tradicionales agus los suelen recurrir recurrir el time es alto.

El S&P 500 suffered 2.2% on registration su primera ganancia semanal in tres semanas. Among adolescents, reference to behavior is greater than 2.6% and 1.5%. Las Han’s invasion in incremental inflation, especially with regard to natural gas projections, and the global economy, will be affected by Las Han’s actions of a large number of recessions due to the slippery pace.

These are likely to continue to fluctuate, there is a lot of uncertainty alone Ucrania sino también con respecto a las tas de interés. The Federal Reserva suffered a sensitive case in which it had to do the damages enough to keep the inflation rising, pero no tanto as provocar una recession.

El viernes, al menos, el ánimo fue of tranquilidad. An indicator of the speed in Wall Street, which shows the degree of concern of the corredores frente a proximas oscilaciones in los accios de las acciones, bao 9%. Back to 2% between different types and precautions in Russia and Ukraine. Rendimientos del Tesoro mantuvierons are relatively stable, a sign that the inversionistas have no buscaron asylum apresurada as to be paid after the Russian invasion.

“The market itself will be an emotional approach based on various details and models”, said leader Mark Hackett, investigating inversions across the country.

El S&P 500 suffered 95.95 pounds, located at 4,384.65, y el Dow Jones increased 834.92 unidades, or 2.5%, at 34,058.75. As a result, Nasdaq rose 221.04 enteros, or 1.6%, last in 13,694.62 between average and average. Un antes, el Nasdaq briefly more than 20% of the major historiography, before being republished.

The Russell 2000 index suffered 44.92 points, or 2.4%, at 2,040,923.

The losses of the petroleo came down to ambos lados del Atlantico, a day later they briefly reduced 100 barrels per barrel in the size of the projections de el contradiction in Ukraine and sanciones que se inan pudieran interruptir la offer. The backward reference state is 1.3%, volume and $ 91.59 per barrel. El Brent down 1.2%, approaching $ 97.93.


The periodical of The Associated Press Yuri Kageyama contributed to this despacho. See more information from Los Angeles.

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