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The alumnado del ‘project’ Suma Master Programe ‘visited el Complejo …

Promotion of alumni veterans and alumnas project format europeo ‘SUMA MASTER PROCRAMME: IMAGINE III’, funded by RawMaterials EITthe most important consorcio of the primary subjects sector in the world, ha visit el Completed Metalurgico de Huelva en elco de una de las actividades programadas en el campas de verano eagraithe don Atlantic Copper Cathedral.

AC students visiting SUMA MASTE with Sol Villar
AC students visiting SUMA MASTE with Sol Villar

Procedures of several countries, between which it is located in Italy, India, Nigeria, Taiwan, Pakistan, Ecuatorial Guinea, Ethiopia and the Spanish region, the students have joined the mano de carlos ortizMetalurgia general manager of Atlantic Copper, Sol Villargeneral direction of Organizational and Human Relations of the Company, various aspects of the company’s production, as well as replacing projects with the circular economy.

As Carlos Ortiz put it, “according to queremos Atlantic Copper increase the coherence of estosiantes estos at home as the sostenibilidad and efficiency of metallurgical processesthe circular economy and the metal cycle ”.

Para Sol Villar is a source of activation with which “pretendemos atraer talento and hacerlo crecer in torno and la metallurgia del cobre and el estudio de las materias primas málicas, essentially for more sustainability ”. “The basic Copper Atlantic Copper is the foundation for the establishment of the institutions, and can be divided by the value of the companies between alumnos and alumnas of the master”, announced Villar.

Por su parte, Professor José Luis Tejera, Professor director of the Catedra Atlantic Copper, This is recorded, given how much the implicados institutions pay, it is even more important if it is important to have the content of the European Union for content and the main reasons for content. “The great compromise of creating companies that are eligible for the projects eligible for the project is a major incorporation into the SUMA program. resiliente ”.

In the case of Tejera, Atlantic Copper is, in general, “a model of practical perseverance in the world of coal metallurgy and a great example of talent management and capture”.

SUMA program

The SUMA MASTER (Sustainable Materials) is solving more and more better formative programs in the field of sustainable materials engineering in Europebetween los que encuentra an Cátedra Atlantic Copper.

As in recent years, the year 2024 began with the participation of universities in Europe of Lovaina (Bélgica), Trento and Milan Bicocca (Italy), Grenoble (France), Leoben (Austria), AGH University of Ciencias y Technology de Cracovia (Poland) and Madrid University of Politics, where the Atlantic Empire Copper and Umicore, including estudios and instituciones educativas europeas, is the residence of the company and the following areas.

Students develop an approach during the formative course, among other things, features such as the policy functions of metals and mercados, the value chain of metals in particular cobre, the gestation of the electric demande and the influence of industry of electronics, energy efficiency and energy management in the metallurgical industry. Igualmente, approaching the manufacture of metal piezas for printing, the desarrollo industria de los metales, the circular economy and the future reuse of metals and new materials.

Entry of diplomas

In April, Cátedra’s Atlantic Copper entered the initial stages and diplomas studied in 2021-2022 while operating in Madrid while dealing with Atlantic Copper’s representation, Javier Targhetta. The Cátedra, created in 2013 and outsourced to the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Minas y Energía of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, is a European reference in the realization of the work and studies in ambo of metallic mining and extractiva metallurgy or ferrea, with particular attention to cobre.

The Cátedra Atlantic Copper offers a training program in Innovación de Minería, Metalurgia and Materiales aimed at students from the second course of the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Minas de Madrid and detras Escuelas de la UPM, as a su profesorado y al general publico interested in the extraction and process of primary materials and metallic minerals. In total, with the number of new courses, 400 alumno participated, in which the colloquialism of other european universes of the states of Lieja (Belgium), Lorena (France) and Freiberg (Alemania).

Luxury Atlantic Copper

Atlantic Copper is the leading producer of copper and sulfuric acid in Spain, generating in a tornado 3,000 direct, indirect and inducidos empleos. The principal producer of the company is Freeport-McMoRan, the principal producer of the company and the important producer of Nueva York. This proposal is based on society’s availability of the metals necessary for the achievement of sustainability objectives and for sustainable, innovative and socially responsible management.

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