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Mercados hosts Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan – El Sol de Acapulco

Los mercados y las monedas alrededor del mundo caídas ocasionaladas por la tension deboto presented by visiting Nancy Pelosi, president of the Cámara de Representantes de EU, in Taiwan, drew attention to Chinese advertising.

At the beginning of the transactions, the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (BMV) registered a rate of 0.6 per day, in the S&P/BMV IPC index, and there were 35 more actions trading in the domestic market, with 47 thousand 101.06 points in the line con el débil pempo de las main plates on the outside.

At the same time, the rate of Mexico cost 20.5 per day, with 0.65 in the first place, in a row gradually, before the increase in the global change and the increase in the tension in China and the United States of America .

“Las preoccupaciones económicas dejan paso a la geopolitica”, said CI Banco in an analysis note. “This situation increases the desire for security actions, lo justifies the generalizado fortificamiento del dólar y que la tasa del bono del Tesoro estadonusido a 10 años retroceda”.

Deboto anterior can progress of 0.5 in the knowledge of the knowledge, that the best answer is the principals.

In the restaurant of the Latin American markets, the losses were encabezadas por el real brasileño, which depreciated 1.05 percent, to 5.23 unidades per dollar, more than the index Bovespa de bolsa B3 de Sao Paulo lost 0.29 percent, which 101 honey 933.1 points.

In Argentina, the exchange rate is at 0.23 per day, and 132.2 per depreciation controlled by the central bank, the amount required by Merval and 0.11 at 0.11, and 117 thousand 731.22 million dollars, and the ecology of the States United. The president of the Cámara de Diputados, Sergio Massa, is tomará las riendas de la cartera de economy que ahora abarcará las áreas económica, productive and agricultural.

“Somos cautos is equivalent to estamos de la espera de conocer las medidas concretas that is what is said in the cruise all the time, the most important thing is the whole market, and it is the figure of Sergio Massa and the experience and experience you had of it. desarrollado relaciones con fondos de inversion, as international local people do, and the great understanding that that knowledge has in their place”, dijo Adcap Grupo Financiero.

The Chilean rate is 0.07 per day, and 893.4/893.7 units per day. Meanwhile, the leader of the index of the Bolsa de Santiago, el IPSA, bajaba un 0.36 por ciento, cinco mil 239.45 points.

“The main thing is that the following will be more than the change in the situation that the tension between China and the United States is going to fight with the intervention of the Central (Banco) but it is likely that the change to your information is correct. you can say that you are working, dijo and operador.

There is a decrease of 0.89 miles away from Colombia and 315.5 miles away, between the seasons and the country; 0.80 points and a thousand is 283.38 points.

The average price, el sol, perdía un 0.72 ó ciento, three thousand 912/three thousand 923 unidades for the day. Also, the Bolsa de Lima reference won 1.08 por ciento, puntos 502.85.

Tensions in Asia arrastra también a Europa

The euro depreciated to 1.02 dollars due to the increased geopolitical tension and hindered the opposition to risk and buying the dollar, which was considered a refuge in times of uncertainty.

The euro was exchanged at 3:00 pm at 1.0205 dollars, which led to 1.0267 dollars at the end of European trading on the mercado de divisas de la jornada anterior. El Banco Central Europe (BCE) exchange reference euro and 1.0224 dollars.

From that point of view, a few minutes have passed since the opening of Wall Street, the Dow Jones 265.91 points, hasta 32 thousand 532.49, more than S&P 500 selected 0.42 hours or 17.21 thousand, higher than 32 thousand 532.49 thousand.

The index calculation of mercado Nasdaq, that aglutina a las main tecnológicas, lost 0.10 per day or 12.41 enteros, hasta 12 thousand 356.56.

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