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Adam Neumann, eccentric founder of WeWork disgraced who managed to collect $1 billion for his new project

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  • BBC Mundo correspondent in Los Angeles

Adam Neumann

image source, Reuters

His previous project today is a case study in how a bubble is made to burst, but it was not an obstacle to his new US$1,000 million business venture. And that it will be months before he is released.

We talk about it Adam Neumannthe eccentric entrepreneur who in 2010 he founded WeWorka workspace rental company or co-worker and that at its peak that was worth $47,000.

By 2019, as it was about to go public, it became clear that its true value was much lower than its estimated value – its losses were as great as its valuation – and Neumann was forced to step down as CEO.

However, it seems that the businessman has not lost an iota of his ability to convince the biggest investors to bet on him.

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