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The Nasdaq scored 1.75% but oil drops due to downturn around the economy

The index of technology companies is recovering due to the possibility that a hypothetical recession will stop the rise in interest rates.

Return to activity after the 4th of July holiday yielded dissimilar results for Wall Street. On the one hand, the Dow Jones It has fallen 0.42%, to 30,967 points, due to the fear among investors about recession. On the other hand, as this future scenario may delay the rise in interest rates, the Nasdaq Scored 1.75%, up 11,322 points.

The other major US indices, the S&P 500after rising 0.16%, to 3,831 points, although it continues to fall 19.6% so far this year.

“The economic downturn is characterized by an economic downturn and the inability of consumers and businesses to meet their financial obligations. While economic growth (from very high levels) is currently slowing down significantly, none of the previous conditions are present. Jonathan Golub, an analyst at Credit Suisse.

on the Dow, Nike (+ 3,10%), Sales force (+ 2,38%) y Apple (+ 1.89%) led the progress, and Chevron (-2,64%) y Bolb (-2,54%) e IBM (-2.48%) were the penalty stocks per day.

Among the big tech companies, Meta stood out ahead with an increase of 5.10%, and beyond Alphabet y Amazonwith gains of 4.16% and 3.60%, respectively. Netflixwhich fell more than 3% in the first part of the day, closing with a rebound of 3.30%.

Values ​​that are strongly linked to the economic cycle such as banks have also gone from less to more in the day, with JPMorgan yield of 0.38% and Wells Fargo 0.45% gain when both lost more than 2.5%. the industrial giants Bolb y Deer s suffered major falls, closing with decreases of 2.54% and 3.15%, respectively.

In the automotive sector, Ford It has also slowed its fall and dropped 1.06% after a 1.8% increase in its vehicle sales in the last quarter, when analysts expected this figure to be between 3.3% and 5.1%.

For her, the ounce of gold drops to $ 1,770, and the return on the band on us at 10 years it fell back to 2.79%.

the oil sinks

in the market rawthe barrel of West Texas has plummeted more than 8% and he has lost the 100 dollars. This is the first time since last May 11 that reference oil in the United States has been trading below this level, as a result of a sharp drop that analysts link to the growing fear of retreat it can harm the claim. The reductions i the Brent barrelreference in Europe, having reached the same intensity, although their price is close to 103 dollars.

Many analytics firms have already warned about it potential fall in the price of black gold in the coming months, which could lead to timpiste 50%. in its price.

These falls happened despite the Norwegian company Equinor was struck by the strike It will reduce crude oil production by about 89,000 barrels of oil equivalent (boe) per day, of which 27,500 are natural gas.

“Norwegian deliveries account for a quarter of Europe’s energy supplies and Europe is once completely dependent on Norway. Russian supply cuts They have created a very tight market for natural gas, ”recalled the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association.

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