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Dow Jones, Nasdaq and S&P 500 today, August 18 | Wall Street Stock Market, Futures and Breakdowns

Wall Street opens in mixed numbers.

After the previous day started to fall, two of the three main indicators on the Stock Exchange started in the green, and the other in the redas a result of which mixed opening.

The main indicator of the New York flood is, The Dow Jones Industrials opened lower with a a loss of 0.25 percent, which is equivalent to 86.05 points, located itself at 33,894.27 units.

Unlike Dow Jones, the optional Standard & Poor’s 500 index, simply known as the S&P 500, an increase of 0.10 percent, equivalent to 4.32 points, was recorded, standing at 4,278.36 units.

In the same way, Nasdaq Composite Market Index, including the major technology companies, the session started with profits, with an increase of 0.18 percent or 22.74 points, positioning itself at 12,960.86 units.

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Dow Jones, Nasdaq and S&P 500 today, August 18 | Wall Street Stock Market, Futures and Breakdowns

Mixed trades on Wall Street after the disclosure of the minutes of the last meeting of the Federal Reserve of Conradh na Gaeilge United States of America, where some doubts about the Central Bank have since been revealed They see risks in raising rates aggressively and not setting them high enough.

According to the feds, interest rates will continue to rise in the coming months Until inflation is under control however, it is also recognized that it would be appropriate, “at some point”, to slow down the climbs.

Regarding the sectors that presented the highest gains today, emphasis on energy (1.78%) and public services (0.3%). Unlike them, the The health sector and the communications sector led the losses with -0.61% and -0.31% respectively.

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