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This is a very confusing time to trade, so if you’ve been struggling, don’t be too hard on yourself.

The NASDAQ 100 was little changed during the trading session on Friday. Because of this, I expect we are in a situation where we will have to wait for some kind of catalyst. We will probably see it next week with the Jackson Hole Symposium, where the central bankers will be able to babble, and maybe say the wrong things again causing a bit of chaos in the system.

It is somewhat surprising that the forex market be certain that the Federal Reserve will have to loosen its monetary policy and, by the same token, do the opposite. This is a very confusing time to trade, so if you’ve been struggling, don’t be too hard on yourself. The latest rally has been very hard to support, but it’s because interest rates are falling that it’s coming. Keep in mind that over 70% of all volume in New York is currently machine trading, so if rates are going down, machines will be buying shares.

This has been especially true recently, and it is almost impossible to trade without paying close attention to the bond markets, Because, right now everything revolves around them. Find out about the best analyzes of your DailyForex here.

“There are only a handful of stocks that move the NASDAQ 100, these are the usual suspects like Amazon, Tesla, Alphabet, Microsoft, etc.”

In my opinion:

  • We are sitting just above the 200 day EMA which should be a potential win bullish people, but we still have no connection. In other words, it seems to me that this market has no idea what to do with itself.
  • In the video, I’ll show you the 10-year note yields to give you a sense of the current correlation, and how this all relates to whether Uncle Jerome will give Wall Street his sugar rush.
  • The Federal Reserve has done this for the past 14 years and now has to deal with brash kids. Now that the Fed governors are no longer trading daily, they don’t really need to make Wall Street disappear, so I think we’ll see more chaos.

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