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Groupe Bruxelles Lambert: Sienna and Malakoff Humanis end strategic partnership in savings

Sienna and Malakoff Humanis complete their strategic partnership

in the field of savings

Malakoff Humanis and Investment Manager Sienna, a 100% subsidiary of GBL, announced today that they have finalized their partnership agreement in management on behalf of third parties. Malakoff Humanis and Sienna Investment Managers are implementing a long – term strategic partnership in the field of supplementary pensions (collective and individual) and employee savings with a view to creating a savings leader in France. The conclusion of this agreement has held information and consultation procedures applicable in social matters and has been approved by the competent authorities.

Malakoff Humanis Asset Management will become Sienna Gestion

The result of this operation is that Sienna Investment Managers will receive a major stake in the Malakoff Humanis Gestion d’Actifs capital – the € 21 billion (2120) French-owned Malakoff Humanis management company – which will be Sienna’s main bridge . Investment Managers in France. Malakoff Humanis will retain a significant interest in the company and will sit on the Supervisory Board.

Malakoff Humanis and Sienna Investment Managers also announce the appointment of Xavier Collot as Chairman of the management company’s Management Board Malakoff Humanis Asset Managementrenamed Sienna Gestion. A well-known figure in the supplementary pension sector (collective and individual) and employee savings in France, Xavier Collot has more than 20 years of experience in Asset Management dedicated especially to the development of savings activity in companies. He will join the management committee of Sienna Investment Managers. To support this growing market and provide the best solutions for investors and savers, Sienna Gestion will adopt a strategic roadmap based on increased investment resources.

A structural step in Malakoff Humanis’ savings strategy

This partnership is a structural step in Malakoff Humanis’ development strategy for the supplemental retirement market and employee savings. It will enable the Group to strengthen its skills in the area of ​​long – term asset management by relying on an expert with a very strong innovation capability, particularly in the area of ​​socially responsible investment and impact management.

Clients, businesses and savers of Epsens, Malakoff Humanis’s specialized employee savings subsidiary, will benefit from this expertise, while Sienna Gestion remains the partner management company Epsens.

This partnership, which is fully integrated into the Group’s SRI policy, is part of the ambitious development plan rolled out by Malakoff Humanis, which aims to triple its turnover in retirement savings by 2030. In addition to the partnership with Sienna, this ambition depends on investing € 40 million in information systems, strengthening the Group’s savings distribution force, and launching new bids.

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Sienna Investment Managers continues to develop

This partnership is part of the development strategy of Sienna Investment Managers in France, which is continuing its dedicated development in asset management on behalf of third parties, and intends to take advantage of the new retirement savings market. It is ambitious for the Pacte law of October 2019 which gives unprecedented impetus to the retirement and savings supplement market for employees, Sienna Investment Managers, through its partnership with Malakoff Humanis, and thanks to a differentiated approach to financial management assets in the long run. a leader in retirement savings.

Thomas Saunier, Managing Director of Malakoff Humanis, says: “This partnership will allow us to optimize our asset management expertise to offer our clients an innovative and responsible financial and wealth engineering engineering service, by reconciling financial performance, environmental and social impact. , by the long-term savings service ”.

Xavier Collot, Chairman of the Board of Management of Sienna Gestion, confirms: acu “dimension”.

About Malakoff Humanis

As a major player in social protection, Malakoff Humanis was born in January 2019 from the merger of the Malakoff Médéric and Humanis groups. With € 8.2 billion in equity, more than 400,000 corporate clients and 10 million protectors (policyholders and dependents), Malakoff Humanis has a 15% market share in group insurance.

As part of the management of the Agirc-Arrco supplementary pension, the Group pays € 38.6 billion in allowances to over 6 million recipients, collecting contributions from almost 600,000 companies and 6.5 million contributors.

Collaborative, mutual and non – profit, Malakoff Humanis exerts its performance to meet social utility and spends more than € 160 million each year to support people in socially vulnerable situations.


About Sienna Investment Managers

Sienna Investment Managers, the platform for 100% GBL alternative and subsidiary investments, is present in 7 countries and in particular Luxembourg, London, Paris, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Madrid and Seoul. Sienna manages € 10.1 billion (December 2021), including € 3.2 billion in permanent capital (or ANR) on behalf of its shareholder GBL as well as international clients. Sienna specializes in real assets, particularly real estate, and private equity through direct investments or funds in unlisted companies, particularly in the digital sector. Sienna recently announced that it has entered into exclusive negotiations with ACOFI Gestion to acquire the company from some of its existing shareholders and to be the sole controlling shareholder with its partners.

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About GBL

Groupe Bruxelles Lambert (“GBL”) is a recognized investment company, which has been listed on the stock exchange for over sixty years and has a net revalued asset of € 22.5 billion and a market capitalization of € 15.3 billion at the end of December 2021 as GBL. a leading investor in Europe, in favor of creating long – term value and relying on a family shareholder base that provides it with stability and support. As a responsible company and investor, GBL considers ESG factors to be closely linked to value creation.

GBL strives to maintain a high quality diversified portfolio of listed and private assets as well as alternative investments (through Sienna Investment Managers, the group’s alternative assets platform) composed of world – class companies, leaders in their sector, to which it can contribute. to create value in its capacity as an active professional investor.

In line with its purpose deliver meaningful growthGBL seeks to offer its shareholders an attractive return, reflected in the growth of its revalued net assets, a sustainable dividend and the repurchase of its own shares.

GBL is listed on Euronext Brussels (Ticker: GBLB BB; ISIN code: BE0003797140) and is part of the BEL20 index.

Press contacts

Sienna / FARGO Investment Managers: Féten Ben Hariz and Hana Ditta – fbenhariz @ fargo. agency; hditta @ fargo. agency

Malakoff Person: Elisabeth Alfandari – 07 60 09 25 30 –

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