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Who is Diego Maldonado, the chef who will represent La Rioja in the Federation Roast Championship

This Sunday the fourth edition of the barbecue championship will take place in the City of Buenos Aires with representatives from all the provinces of the country, and Diego Maldonado was chosen to represent our province.

18:29 | Wednesday, August 10, 2022 | La Rioja, Argentina | Multi-platform Fenix

The Government of the City of Buenos Aires organizes the fourth edition of the Asado Federal Championships, which will take place on Sunday, August 14, from 10 am to 6 pm, at the Obelisk, where 24 gastronomic chefs from all over the country will compete. .

The event seeks to promote the gastronomic sector and encourage the professional development of competitive grillers by selecting the best barbecues in Argentina.

To compete for the grand prize, 24 professional gastronomy representatives from each of the provinces, including the city of Buenos Aires, will participate in the championship. The contestants were selected by the CABA AUTHORITY (Union of Tourism, Hotel and Gastroenterology Workers of the Republic of Argentina) through an open call.

As a representative of the Province of La Rioja, Diego Maldonado, 40 years old and originally from the city of Chilecito, was elected. Diego started working in catering, partly in fires, which inspired his interest and love for the grill. During his career he took courses and training courses. He currently has a catering enterprise for events, with a live cooking show performed with the stokers, in which he stands out for the stage and his speciality, the baby llama.

“I want to apply the techniques we have in the province, learn new uses and have a good time. More than a competition, I see it as a pleasant moment, a cultural and exchange space so that we can all learn and improve what we are passionate about,” says the man from La Rioja.

In collaboration with a content producer, Diego founded Landscape with Flavors, a service that offers gastronomic experiences in the most beautiful places in Chilecito, far from the city, with a differentiated service for locals and tourists.

“It is proud to receive here in the capital of Argentina the best grills from each of the provinces to compete in the Federal Asado Championship. The asado is a symbol of our gastronomy that unites us and shows us as Argentines. , broilers, restaurants and the gastronomic sector many obstacles. We must be with them so that they can work in peace. Gastronomy is a federal industry with huge potential to grow and generate employment throughout the country ” Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Head of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

According to UTHGRA, gastronomy employs more than 240,000 workers across the country. In the City of Buenos Aires alone, more than 80,000 people work in gastronomy and it is the largest employer per square meter.

under the branch

The competition will divide the 24 participants into 3 groups of 8. Each competitor will cook 3 cuts of meat (roast strip, chicken breast and leg, and pork breast) and vegetables within 1 hour. Then, they must present the same before a technical and institutional jury that will evaluate them. From each group of 8 provinces, 2 go to the final stage. 6 provinces will then compete for the podium preparing vacuum cuts, rump cover, pork tenderloin and chips. All beef cuts will be from animals that weigh more than 400 kg and have been agreed with the Federation of Steakhouses of Argentina.

The evaluation jury will be made up of chubutenses and the final winners of the championship Cristian Gauna (Championship 2018) and Adrián Rosales (Championship 2018). They will also be jurors: Patricia Ramos (Our Secret), Luciano Luchetti (Locos x el Asador), Germán Sitz (La Carnicería y Chori), Christian Petersen, Felicitas Pizarro, Sandra Honczar (Asadoras Argentinas), Pietro Sorba (gastronomic critic) . ), Natalia Barrionuevo (meat sommelier), Marcelo Crivelli (Buena Morfa Social Club), Cecilia Castagno (Rosarina grill chef), Carlos “Checho” Lopez (Argentine Grill School), Mirta Occhiuzzo (AUTHGRA), Beto Fantini (Meat Federation ) , Miguel Sosa (Confederation of Grills of Argentina), Daniel Prieto (AHRCC), Julio Tahier (BA Capital Gastronómica), Marc Stanley (Ambassador of the United States), Amador Sánchez Rico (Ambassador of the European Union) and two neighbors who will be drawn. a call made by BA Citizen Participation.

gastronomic proposals

In addition, on April 9 de Julio there will be 50 grill stalls, and grills from the City and province of Buenos Aires will be present, all with fixed menus from $500 to $800. In addition, there will be stalls from different communities (Japan, Mexico, Lebanon, Austria, Bulgaria, Paraguay, Ireland, Taiwan, Armenia and Cuba) and national holidays from within, representing the cultural diversity and gastronomic that is our country.

Coordinated with the Ministry of Government of the City of Buenos Aires, they will come especially for the Asado Federal Championships from Ayacucho, Province of Buenos Aires, the National Festival of Calves and Yerra Day and from Morea, Province of Buenos Aires, the National Festival of the sucker.

cultural proposals

Starting at 11 am, the Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires will program musical shows for the whole family on the stage located at Av. 9 de Julio and Av. of Mayo.


12:00 a 12:30 pm → Revancha Gauchos – Malambo

1:00 to 1:40 pm → The Juncals – Folklore

2:00 pm to 2:30 pm → Sunset Sunrises – Chamamé

3:30 to 4pm – Micaela Chauque – Folklore – Jujuy

5:30 am to 6:30 pm – Finale: Surprise artist

*In case of heavy rain, the event will take place on Monday 8/15.

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