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The most beautiful words in the world?

The most beautiful words in the world?

Everyone will have their classification, but among them, we should definitely consider these, from Japan.

Each of them will be ranked, but the podium of the most beautiful words in the world, surely we should include those, which come from Japan.

“Nankurunaisa”there is more than a word or a phrase from the ancient Japanese, which is also used as a mantra.

The translation of common knowledge is: “Never forget who you are; live today for tomorrow and don’t forget to smile. The next day, no matter what happens today, the sun will greet you with a big smile, so you do the same. Although, over time, the meaning was synthesized i “Time heals everything”.

“Nankurunasia” its origin is in the Okinawan dialect: originally there were several terms: “Nankuru nai sa“, which later merged.

Another Japanese word is “mekigai“: without a direct translation, it is a term that encompasses an idea “happiness of life”. And he thinks that the answer to the meaning of life on the outside is only in one.

That is worth clarifying “Ikigai” It is, before the moment of happiness itself, that shows the confidence that inspires you to wish for the future, even if you feel bad in the moment.

“Nankurunaisa”, a Japanese ‘phrase’ used as a mantra, can be translated as “Time heals all”. / Photo: AP

In that sense, rather than “the purpose of life”, ikigaise is closer to “seikatsu”, which means everyday life.

“Ikigai” -that the desire to live and, above all, to continue- say the specialists, born from the combination of three planes that, ideally, should be aligned: the values, the things you like to do and exercise for those you consider good

The origin of “ikigai” It dates back to the Heian period (794-1185). merge”to“, which means life, and gai -which comes from it “cay”, sea shells- and referring to worth or value (other words using kai is “Yarigai” o “hatarakigai”meaning the value of doing and the value of work.

Recent research has found that most Japanese consider happiness to be the result of “the sum of small daily joys.”


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