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The second quarter of 2022, at the forefront of computer threats

Despite the growth curve of the entire semester, the report prepared by the ICT group (Puglia, Italy) – which has studied 113 open sources (websites of the companies concerned, public websites of national interest them, online news agencies, blogs and social networks)— , points out in April there was a slight decrease of 14% of the cases compared to the previous monthbut a great deal increase in June (89).

Between April and June, 47 attacks were detected, 80 security incidents — that is, successful attacks — and 45 privacy breaches, with the sectors most affected being Public Administration, Banks and Financial Entities and Health for the sanctions applied by the Guarantor Authority to protect personal data.

“If, on the one hand, due to a slight reduction in threats in the first quarter of the year it is possible to think about better computer security in the digital services that have been developing for years, on the other hand, overall, the phenomenon of computer crimes maintaining an upward growth trend; indeed, in the second quarter of 2022 the number of incidents is greater than the number of attacks and it represents 47% of the total events registered”— comments Domenico Raguseo, Cybersecurity Director at Exprivia. “For the first time, moreover, the Observatory has drawn up calculated indices that measure the impact of IdC devices on the security of the entire digital ecosystem, checking whether the results of investments in cyber security emerge at the pace of digital development itself.” .

The new calculation indexes prepared by Exprivia stand out i Spain lack of awareness of the damage that can be done ineffective management of cyber security, also in individual ecosystems, such as video cameras, printers or even industrial computers (PLC), which are subject to greater risk.

In fact, between April and June the number of malware attacks, that is, attack vectors aimed at obtaining sensitive information; malicious software continues to dominate the classification of the most used techniques by computer criminals in this second quarter of 2022 (74 cases). He dropped to second place phishing/social engineeringmethod of committing fraud through misleading emails or social networks, with 48 cases.

The IS cyber crime It is confirmed, also in the second quarter of the year, that it is the main reason that motivated the people who carry out computer attacks to act on the territory of Spain. The second is the Data Breach, that is, the Data Theft, with 45 cases.

In the classification of the most affected sectors, the Financial cyber attackers are confirmed to be the top choice with 49 cases. At a large distance, the sector follows Software / Hardware, especially ICT companies, digital services, electronic commerce platforms, devices and operating systems, which mainly suffer from data theft, such as access credentials or sensitive information, with 39 cases. Move up to third place multi-sectoralwith 28 cases, and the health sector Retail he adds, for his part, 16 cases.


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