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Grupo Alfil, the first family business in Marbella to be listed on the stock exchange – LOCAL

Grupo Alfil, at the same time as celebrating its 70th anniversary as a family business, has started the process of becoming a listed company. In this way, it will be the first family company founded and headquartered in Marbella to take this step, which it will do at Euronext Paris, the main French stock market.

The company, founded as a family business in Marbella in 1952, is to list its division of real estate assets intended for rent, as reported this Wednesday through a statement.

This section generates approx 500 monthly rental proceeds and it has remained stable in similar figures in recent years, which translates into “economic significance for the company”.

This process requires advice from specialist firms in the field for which the Alfil Group has selected leaders at national level.

For the figure of Registered Consultant, or Listed Sponsor, you will have services armanextthe overall leader in Spain, having been chosen by about 40% of the incorporated Socimis in our country.

Due diligence will be carried out, as well as legal and tax advice KMPGone of the 4 largest law firms in the world.

Gesvalt, a valuation company that has done this work in almost half of the Socimis incorporated in Spain, is the person in charge of the valuation of the assets and the company.

Finally, the entire economic process will be explored EuditaMalaga’s main company in this sector at the provincial level.

This transformation into a listed company lays the foundations to ensure the company’s continuity.

After 70 years of business history. The third generation has already joined the decision-making bodies of Grupo Alfil and this transformation will make the company overcome the family, although Grupo Alfil will continue to be a family company.

The IS headquarters will remain in Marbella although most of the assets are located outside the municipality.

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