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Diagnostic Medical Systems: 16% dynamic growth in activity in 2021

Benchmark year for DMS Imaging division: 15% growth to over € 36 million in revenue

Diagnostic Medical Systems Group (Euronext Paris – FR0012202497 – DGM) publishes its consolidated annual revenue for the financial year 2021 ended 31 December 2021.

Unaudited consolidated data in M ​​€ IFRS standards 2021 2020 Change
Turnover 12 months 37.1 32.1 + 16%

Ag 4ú In the quarter of its financial year 2021, the DMS Group achieved consolidated revenue of € 8.9 million, compared with € 8.6 million a year earlier.

The end of the year was marked primarily by an acceleration in the growth of bone densitometry, with the integration of previously outsourced total production into the new production and assembly unit at Gallargues-le-Montueux for efficiency and operational gains.

Over the full year, therefore, consolidated revenue amounted to € 37.1 million, representing 16% organic growth, compared to € 32.1 million in 2020 and € 31.0 million in 2019.

Comments by activity

Division sales DMS imaging dynamic during the year, total revenue of € 36.2 million in 2021, an increase of 15%. Apart from the commercial success of the imaging solutions offered by the group, this dynamic also reflects the priority currently being given to health policies in many countries.

  • Despite no major calls for tenders over the period, Radiology activity remained victorious in all 4ú trimester. Over the entire 2021 financial year, this activity recorded a dynamic growth of 16% (€ 31.3 million in revenue), reflecting a significant acceleration compared to 2020 (+ 4% year-on-year annual growth). Ag 2nd half of 2021, the group delivered its first Adam DRF Platinum radiology tables in the United States, as part of the commercial partnership with Fujifilm Medical Systems USA The first installations took place on 4ú trimester. It should also be noted in 2021 the very good momentum of the distribution contract with Fujifilm in Europe and the significant delivery of radiology tables as part of a call for offers from the World Bank.
  • In bone densitometry, activity was particularly maintained in the 4ú quarter of 2021 (+ 24%), driven by exports and increased contract with Fujifilm. At the end of the year, the group completed the repatriation of all bone density production systems to its new production and assembly unit. It will be an important vector of operational efficiency and margin gain for this activity from 2022, and will help pool costs at the group level.

Turnover of the department DMS Biotech It was € 0.7 million in 2021, which was largely made up of Adip sculpture device sales, an increase of 32% on 2020.

Finally, the division DMS Fitness recorded revenue of € 0.2 million in 2021, an annual increase of 61%. At the beginning of 2022, DMS Group announced the sale of this division to CES Management SA, the majority shareholder of the Swiss company BEBO Health, specializing in the distribution of innovative and exclusive products dedicated to health, sport and wellness. This operation was carried out in cash and securities.


With annual growth of 16%, DMS Group posted a solid financial year 2021, reflecting the growth of all its activities and a good level of order intake, including in the 4 years.ú trimester.

Ongoing tensions in terms of supply, especially for certain electronic components, are a major focus of attention and vigilance for the financial year 2022. To date, however, only moderate impacts have occurred due to the responsiveness and agility of the purchasing teams and supply chain of the group.

For division DMS imaging, the year 2022 will see the development of partnerships with Fujifilm, in the United States as well as the region of Africa and the Middle East following the extension of the distribution agreement for the radiology table. DMS Group will be particularly present at the Arab Health trade fair, from January 24 to 27, 2022.

The new Neo Platinum Radiology table was launched at the Francophone Radiology Days (JFR) event in early October 2021, based on a brand new software platform with the ability to embed machine intelligence and, ultimately, artificial intelligence (AI) functionalities, in the process of industrialization. First deliveries are expected at 1yes quarter of 2022 with international deployment from 2nd semester.

As part of the project to contribute to the medical imaging division, DMS Group and Asit Biotech signed an amendment to the contribution agreement on November 8, 2021, following the court decision of the Liège company court to approve ASIT biotechnology reorganization plan (Read a press release of November 8, 2021).

The shareholders of ASIT Biotech are convened to a general meeting on 24 January 2022 to approve the contribution. This approval represents the precedent for finalizing the contribution. The legal, accounting and tax effective date of the Contribution is set retroactively at 1yes January 2022.

This operation will enable the DMS Imaging division to accelerate its structuring and contribute to its development. The group is also actively working on its “MC2” project, funded under the “Recovery Plan for industry – strategic sectors” by the Ministry of Industry (Read the press release on September 30, 2021), which aims to develop two high-level imaging solutions: a radiology mobile device and a theater arch. These solutions will strengthen the product range over the next 36 to 48 months.

About the division DMS Biotech, Hybrigenics announced on January 6, 2022 the reorganization of its management by the appointment of a new CEO.

The group, through its subsidiary Inoviem Scientific, acquired the company B Cell Design, which specializes in the production of antibodies. With this external growth operation, DMS Biotech is expanding its skills portfolio by opening a complementary pathway, especially to combat cancer and chronic inflammatory diseases. B Cell Design technologies, capable of developing immune globulin, combined with technologies that allow the identification of therapeutic targets and patient stratification developed by Inoviem Scientific will position the group as the only player capable of accelerating clinical development. significant. .

Proposed transfer to Euronext Growh

The Joint Meeting of 30 December 2021 adopted the resolution on the project to transfer the company’s securities listing to the Euronext Growth market in Paris.

Subject to the Euronext Paris agreement, such listing on the Euronext Growth market shall be carried out by means of a procedure for the direct admission of DMS Group’s current shares to trading, which shall cease to be listed on Euronext at the same time. .. No new shares will be issued at the time of this transfer.

Euronext agreement is also required for the delisting of DMS Group securities from the Euronext Paris regulated market and their admission to the Euronext Growth market in Paris, which should take place on 1yes quarter 2022.

The share memory code of the DMS Group (DGM) will be modified at the time of the transfer to Euronext Growth in Paris. No change to the ISIN code (FR0012202497). In addition, the share of the DMS Group will remain eligible for PEA and PEA-PME after the transfer.

A press release will be published before the completion of the transfer, specifying in particular the detailed schedule of the operation.

Financial diary, 2022

Date Event
April 20, 2022 Publish turnover 1yes quarter 2022
April 29, 2022 Publish 2021 annual results
July 20, 2022 Publish 2022 half year revenue
September 30, 2022 Publish 2022 half year results
October 20, 2022 Publish turnover 3ú quarter 2022
January 20, 2023 Publish 2022 annual revenue

The announcements will take place following the closure of the Euronext Paris market. These dates are given as an indication, they are likely to be modified if necessary.

About DMS Group

DMS Group composed of companies with strong innovation potential. First focused on the medical imaging industry, it is now expanding into new areas. By investing in the future and betting on research, DMS Group hopes to deliver tomorrow’s solutions.

  • Specialized in advanced technology at medical diagnosis service, DMS imaging It is now positioned as France’s leader in the development, design and manufacture of imaging systems dedicated to radiology, bone cytometry, 3D modeling and posturing.

  • DMS Biotech, composed of Hybrigenics and its subsidiaries, carries the group’s development strategy in the field of biotechnologies, and in particular technologies for the treatment of osteoarthritis and regenerative medicine based on adipose stem cell injection. Hybrigenics is listed on the Euronext Growth market in Paris (ISIN: FR0004153930 – ticker: ALHYG).

DMS Group is present on every continent through a network of more than 140 national distributors, subsidiaries and joint ventures.

DMS Group is listed on the Euronext market in Paris (ISIN: FR0012202497 – ticker: DGM).

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