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Residential complexes | common goods and assemblies – Personal Finance – Economy

Residential complexes | common goods and assemblies – Personal Finance – Economy

Readers ask: “There are 16 flats in the building I live in; 10 units belong to the same owner and the others belong to 6 to 6 other owners. The question is, if this man who owns most of the apartments can make decisions on his ownwithout taking into account the opinion and vote of the other six owners who, although we are a minority, also have rights and fulfill the obligations of the building, in terms of installment payments, arrangements, etc.

“The administrator says he abides by the percentage of votes required by Law 675 for decision-makingbut the other 6 owners think this is not fair”.


All decisions must be made in accordance with Law 675 of 2001 and the Flat Property Regulations. Although the owner of the ten flats has the majority and the coefficients of his private units are added, the Law establishes that the assembly shall meet with a plurality of private unit owners representing at least more than half of the common ownership coefficients and will make decisions with a favorable vote of half plus one of the co-ownership coefficients represented at the meeting.

The owners of the other apartments have the rights not only to express their opinions on each item on the agenda and on purpose, but cast their vote according to their coefficient and they may protest against the decisions, if they do not comply with the Law or the regulations.

Damage to common property affects an apartment

Ask: “The frequent rain that falls on the outside wall and on the windows of the bedrooms after a great humidity inside them with the production of fungi. According to the concept of the technicians given to the possible solution, a great job must be done. for all which is waterproof and these fungi are not aware of the problem of moisture coming from outside, which I doubt. the administration says it is responsible for the work on the outside only and not from within.

“I think the production of these fungi comes from outside and so on I think the administration should bear all the costs. It must be so?


If the moisture from the outside and the fungi produced by not taking measures regarding the facades, which affects the interior of the apartments, as the experts have already said, the owners of those apartments must address the manager and the board of directors so that this problem will be solved, by analyzing each case in advance, through the procedure specified in the regulation and the Horizontal Property Law.

Otherwise, they may initiate police actions for disturbances in the use and enjoyment of their property.


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