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Dr. Hen, the first “doctor” to counter fake news within the metaverse

Dr. Hen, the first “doctor” to counter fake news within the metaverse

  • Dr. Hen is a picturesque yellow bird that always wears a white coat and is now taken to the metaverse.
  • In social networks, it is responsible for offering medical information in an entertaining and friendly way.
  • Although it is thought to be aimed at children, it has been accepted by people of all ages.

Technology advances gradually and each time it reaches new levels. Now it is limited not only to the tangible world but also to everything that cannot be touched. It is precisely one of the principles of metaverse and now he has a new caretaker and he is Dr. Hen. Just like in real life, your goal is to convey truthful information.

The beginning of fake news

In this sense, proliferation is one of the main disadvantages generated by the Internet fake news. The term refers to fake news that many people assume to be true.

It is the lack of consultation with official sources and belief in everything that is read in this digital medium that has inspired this seemingly endless phenomenon. And now also the informative, that is, the abundance of information on the same subject. When that happens it becomes difficult to be able to distinguish between truths and lies.

In fact, since the Covid-19 pandemic, people have become more interested in everything to do with health. More and more people are searching the internet for diseases.

First of all, it is a positive thing because it is an issue that should be of great concern to everyone. While the problem is that not everyone consults specialized sources or checks news sources. When that happens, distortions of information and fake news are generated.

The first “doctor” within the metaverse

To prevent this from happening within the metaverse is that there is now a new defendant and that is Dr. Hen. This character was born in social networks and is a picturesque yellow bird that always wears a white coat.

The function of this “doctor” is to share publications with information of general interest and always in an entertaining way. He does it through vignettes as if it were a comic and while it may seem like it is aimed at children, his method has really attracted the attention of people of all ages.

The company is behind the character World of Hens and now he has announced that he has plans Take Dr. Hen to the metaverse. The purpose is exactly the same as through visually appealing content it will be responsible for eliminating fake news and offering real information on health related topics.

What is the metaverse?

The first and most important thing is to understand the term. It was first described in the novel “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson published in 1992. That work mentions the creation of virtual spaces that are parallel or complementary to our reality. The concept has already been mentioned but this is where it is described in a more faithful way to how it evolved in real life.

For real life, it can be described as environments in which humans interact socially and economically as avatars. They do it through software in cyberspace, which serves as a metaphor for real life but without its limitations.

How does the metaverse work?

From the above, it is understood that it is a virtual space where several people can attend without the need for physical contact. Everything is done digitally and the purpose is the same activities performed in everyday life.

In other words, you only need 3D glasses with Augmented Reality to simulate that you are somewhere else. This instantly recreates the interaction between people and is a new form of communication.