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Digital entrepreneur Rodrigo Blanco praises Guatemala and promotes the real estate metaverse – Metro World News

Digital entrepreneur Rodrigo Blanco praises Guatemala and promotes the real estate metaverse – Metro World News

With at least 215 thousand followers on his social network Instagram, the digital entrepreneur Rodrigo Blanco (@esrodrigoblanco) is a reference in the United States in terms of real estate and investment.

From a very young age he is a fan of success, a visionary, with a noble heart. He is the founder of the international company A Diversified Portfolio that works in favor of citizens and, in particular, their country.

Also, the Guatemala He was a collaborator with the organization Un Techo para mi País. He works, on a voluntary basis, in the fight against poverty.

What about Rodrigo Blanco’s Diversified Portfolio?

Hand in hand with his partner Luisa, the entrepreneur Rodrigo Blanco chose to give life to the private real estate investment fund in 2019: A Diversified Portfolio. This invests in houses in different cities in the country.

Currently, the company has shareholders from countless countries, at least 230. Among them, partners from Peru, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico. He has a portfolio worth US$14 million through the properties he owns, more than 100 real estates.

The mastermind of the corporation created a book on how to sell products on Amazon in the nation.

new business model

Recently, he presented a new business model to Guatemalans. He explained, according to the Soy Positivo media outlet, that it becomes beneficial because it is backed by real estate in the United States and that capital can be sent through NFT technology.

However, others from Latin America will also have the opportunity to invest. He highlighted: “The dividends this investment generates come from real income in physical and tangible properties in the United States. All NFTs are backed by real estate assets that generate dollar income, giving the project solid backing. Platzees is currently the only real estate-backed collection of NFTs generating annual dollar returns”.

Digital entrepreneur Rodrigo Blanco confirmed that, although it was not easy to make progress, today he feels that he has succeeded in making progress with the Diversified Portfolio, the company that created Platzees: the collection of NFTs.