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Twenty-four works by Egon Schiele inspire new NFTs

Twenty-four works by Egon Schiele inspire new NFTs

In an effort to better publicize the early work of Egon Schiele and join the NFT wave, the Leopold Museum in Vienna has launched a collection of non-expendable tokens inspired by 24 works by the Austrian author.

In addition to obtaining income for the institution, another of the objectives of this dynamic is to make the painter’s work known among the new generations of painting enthusiasts.

“The pandemic has left us with a rapid acceleration of digitization processes in the art world and has made NFTs a mix of many traditional and established art collections.

“This trend makes art collecting accessible to a broader and highly receptive public, who recognize the enormous potential of NFT art,” says Hans-Peter Wipplinger, director of the Leopold Museum.

The collection of NFTs released by the museum will consist of three categories: rare, super rare, and ultra rare. In the case of the first section, there will be 100 pieces per work, at a cost of 499 euros, while in the case of the super rare, only 10 copies per work will be made and the auction price will start at 15 thousand euros. The last category will only have two copies per work and the starting price will be 100 thousand euros.

Among the treasures in the collection, the painting Leopold Czihaczek at the pianowhich was rediscovered after a century and will be displayed at the NFT before physically returning to the museum.

“We will reinvest all proceeds from NFT sales in the restoration, conservation and acquisition of art pieces, including the restoration of the sensational rediscovered Schiele painting.

“This work will be on display at the Leopold Museum as a permanent loan. As it is in our interest that the painting is accessible to the public in the long term, we will try to buy it, as it would fit perfectly in our Schiele collection”, concluded the official.

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