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Nequi closes accounts that have shown bad practices of use, management and/or receiving money | Finance | Economy

Nequi is about 13 million customers in the country. Recently, the financial platform decided to close the accounts that showed bad practices of use, management and receiving money.

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The company explained that this decision was made because they seek the safety of other users of the platform.

These people were previously informed by email, the program registered at the time their Nequi was created, and a text message, the Nequi number registered in our database, with a high percentage of opening and reading the ad“, said the entity in a statement.

It is important to clarify that this does not imply closing the account loss of money available. These users who have blocked accounts will be able to make the request through official channels to get the money they had deposited there.

However, you will not be able to open a new Nequi account with the same number and will lose its benefits use the application and its services.

Users are invited to make good use of the application, promoting good practices for the benefit of the 13 million users who are solving their daily needs from the app day by day, by managing it well.“, said the company.

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Currently, Nequi has been in the Colombian market for 6 years. The company has highlighted that its objective is to generate inclusion and financial education by making its services closer to people.


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