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Miguel Barbosa calls on housing developers to improve worker loans

During the installation of the XXXII National Housing Meeting ó National Housing Suite, (Canada)the governor Luis Miguel Barbosa Huerta It is recalled that it is allocated annually by the state administration 967 million PesAlso announced the contribution of 50 million pesos to get homes through Information for workers with a minimum income.

He said he speaks in cash, recalling that it is the second time for the state administration to project resources frescos to assist workers with social security.

So he asked the private sector to register their workers for their real earnings so that opportunities for obtaining credits and, in addition, inheritance with legal certainty.

“Once again I make a contribution so that more credits can be sought and granted with Infonavit for those who need it, then if we ask we can make the delivery of these credits more flexible”.

It was in 2019, when the first agreement between the state government and Infonavit was presented, to the same extent that this was translated into subsidies 50 thousand pesos for one thousand workers that they have reached the capacity in their housing sub-account to access a mortgage with this support.

He called Infonavit needs to relax grant credit and companies to avoid simulation actions when registering with the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) to your payroll with real pay.

But he also recalled that there are some housing developers who abuse, scams and evict people who own large land to build housing complexes.

have problems

Conflicts facing the developer sector in the national territory are illustrated in lack water supply, weak electrical power system and the disorderly growth of cities.

In addition, national president Canadevi, Luis Alberto Morenoregret that though more than six million workers contribute Infonavit and Fovisste are not eligible for a mortgage loan due to the low salaries with which they are registered.

But bank loans also play against workers, due to high interest rates.

“To this segment must be added the 56 million Mexicans whose social security is not my Infonavit.”

He called on the authorities to develop the three levels of government public policy form trusts or financial institutions so that workers can afford a mortgage.

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