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All information about visas and how to invest in housing in the United States

Colombia is increasingly interested in buying a house in the United States, which is considered one of the most stable and successful real estate markets in the world. Last year He was the second foreign national to purchase the most real estate in South Florida, with a 12 percent share. First place went to Argentina with 13 percent. Today Colombians occupy the first place.

One of the reasons for this growth is that buying a house is now a much more accessible alternative in the country, thanks to the interest rates on mortgage loans that do not exceed 6 percent per year. “This is a very good option for those who want to increase their pesos and protect themselves against devaluation. Real estate in the United States is a very good business for Colombia; It’s even easier to get credit in the US than in Colombia”, asserts Mauricio Ordoñez, founder and CEO Qkapital Groupexpert financing company for residential and commercial properties in the United States.

Qkapital Group, with main offices in Miami and Houston and representation in Bogotá, together with clients who dream of owning a property. “In most cases, investments are made to protect people’s capital. Due to the changing economic and political situation of Latin American countries, foreigners choose to invest in the United States, and they feel that their investments are safer than in their own countries. With an initial percentage of the total value, as well as a mortgage loan, they will be able to access a property that will allow them to protect the original investment, achieve savings and bet on a better future”, explains Silvia Barreto, Representative in Colombia of the Qkapital Group.

With an initial percentage of the total value, as well as a mortgage loan, Colombians can access a property that will allow them to protect the original investment, achieve savings and bet on a better future. – Photo: Getty Images

For the most part, foreigners buying property, especially in Florida, are looking for condominiums (apartments in buildings) or houses. Between 25 and 30 percent of the value of the property must be paid as a down payment and the rest is done through a mortgage. The profit from the lease and its valuation is in dollars, so it is an excellent business, informs Andrés Rivera, director of Qkapital Group Colombia.

Qkapital Group It has agreements with 53 banks and although they are licensed as a financial corporation, they have correspondence agreements with other entities, which are the ones that disburse the credits.

Many believe that they have to be millionaires to achieve this dream and this is not the case. The process is simple: the analyst will ask for 25 to 30 percent of the value of the property as a down payment to buy a house or 30 to 35 percent if it is an apartment; that is, the bank in the United States funds between 75 and 65 percent of the value as in Colombia, but the process here is simpler because there is no need for a social security or income statement as a non-resident, nor the documentation that it is. requested by an American resident,” explains Ordoñez.

And he warns that it is precisely at this stage that they offer their accompaniment. “We demonstrate to the bank that this foreign client from Latin America has sufficient capacity to accept that debt. You don’t look at datacredito, for example, but you have the resources through your job or business. Proof of income and liquidity, bank account movements, letters of reference and salary receipts, among other requirements, must also be presented,” he says.

The ideal is that the investment exceeds 290,000 dollars to access much more beneficial rates.

benefits of investment

The recommendation from Q Kapital Group is that the mortgage loan is not requested in a personal capacity, but that an American company figure be used. Andrew Cuevas, founding attorney and president of the law firm Cuevas, Garcia and Torres PA.with more than 25 years of experience advising investors in Latin America and overseeing the firm’s legal departments in the practice areas of Condominium and Home Owner Association Law, Business Immigration Law and Real Estate Law transactions, of that firm . The key is that the acquisition of real estate is done under the guise of a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

The reasons are different. First, it must be taken into account that they are very easy to establish because the requirements and costs are minimal, and in a few days it is already legal life in the state where the real estate investment is to be made.

This type of legal action, completely legal, allows the foreign buyer to be represented in the United States, which gives the bank more certainty that it exists; it also means less taxes, since it allows discounts that a natural person would not have access to.

And, in addition, it protects the capital and facilitates procedures, for example, in case of death, by preventing the heirs from having to pay taxes and legal expenses for being an asset of a foreign buyer.

The tourist visa is enough to be able to come to the United States and see your investment directly. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

“The most important thing is to get good advice, to be clear about what you should and shouldn’t do,” says lawyer Cuevas. “The United States is a country that guarantees investment and you have to take advantage of those benefits,” he says.

Visa advice

The visa is a decisive factor when deciding on some type of investment or life change in the United States. Attorney Cuevas explains that To acquire an item as a foreigner and create the company that supports that purchase, no visa is required, however, it is best to have one.

“It’s enough for the tourist to be able to come to the United States and be able to see and learn about your investment in person,” he says.

However, there are many other visas that allow you to be in that country. The most important thing, he warns, is to be clear about what you want and meet the requirements.

“Since there are many different types of visas, a person wishing to obtain one must be sure that they are applying under the appropriate category. Also, it is important to remember that visas expire, and if a person stays in the United States beyond the expiration date without applying for a renewal, they may be at risk of deportation. Anyone currently experiencing legal problems due to visa-related situations may wish to discuss their case with an attorney experienced in United States immigration law.

It indicates that a lawyer has the ability to know what profile to ask for, whether it is a student, investor, worker or tourist. “Don’t do it blindly and get advice is essential,” he warns.

For more information, write to, y Or to the mobile phone number in Colombia 3152440383.

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