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Morelos with a stable outlook rating in finance

derived from the actions taken by the Financial SecretaryThe international agency Fitch Ratings confirmed the long-term sovereign rating on the national scale of the state of Morelos at “A+”announcing again that the Credit Outlook remains stable.

Fitch recognized and supported the vote of confidence in the state’s financial management project, which focused its efforts on implementing a series of strict policies, effective allocation of expenditure and improvements. in the control actions since the beginning of the administration led by Governor Cuauhtémoc Blanco Bravo.

In that sense, José Gerardo López Huérfano, who is in charge of launching the dependency, reported that the consolidation of the rating is mainly due to a combination of solid income, an adequate liquidity position which allows dealing with short-term liabilities and effective control of public expenditure.

secondly, The rating agency emphasized that the four long-term financings that make up the state’s public debt have the highest credit score of “AAA”.an indication of the good structure formed from the refinancing process carried out during 2021.

Also, The agency argued that, despite an environment with rising interest rates and inflation at the national level, the payment of the entity’s debt would not be a risk. for public finances in the first five-year rating case.

López Huérfano indicated that despite the increase in spending due to the pressures on the Executive due to the Covid-19 health crisis, Fitch indicated that it is expected that this spending will be moderate in the following view of the pre-definitions related to the effective management of expenditure, to bring back its dynamism in accordance with income levels.

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Finally, he emphasized that the The Government of Morelos supports its commitment to continue implementing policies to strengthen public financesthrough a responsible and rational allocation of public spending, which translates into better opportunities for the people of Morelos.

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