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The value of failure on the path to excellent personal finance management

|  Photo: Andes Agency
| Photo: Andes Agency

In 2020, I published a guide on how to start the world of investments: “Money Code”. Surprisingly, it was very well received and has been a recent bestseller the financial education getting more and more attention and importance within the formation of new generations. This first book was intended to be a handbook for those interested in finding their financial freedom, and was written with a practical approach.

In itself, being an investor is also an opportunity for personal growth and accumulating success in personal finance. That’s what my second book, recently published, is about and continues the teachings of the first book. The title is: “the value of failure”. Well, I firmly believe that failure can make us all the best version of ourselves if we have the right mindset.

This book is a compilation of the big mistakes I have made as a person in various personal habits from love, business and even family mistakes. But I will not only talk about my mistakes, but about successful people and many of us don’t know because of everything they had to go through to have the results they got, I talk about people like Steve JobsOprah and many more.

I believe that the key to being able to achieve what you set out to do in life begins with a change of mind, because in the end they are not what they are, but what we perceive them to be. This is why I say that if you succeed in changing your mindset, you will eventually change your reality. Everything is possible as long as you believe it.

The news in the investment world and in everyday life in general is that success is not the opposite of failure. If we want to be successful as investors, we need to understand these five basic steps, which are also tips:

1. Understand the importance of failure: what failure means, and what its long-term outcome may be if learning is sustained.

two. The type of failure: the reason it happens, and that’s exactly what needs to change in case something goes wrong. For example, in your family if you don’t live up to what you think they expect of you, what should you do about it.

3. Learn from failure: Make a change, it’s not the failure that makes a mistake, but the one who doesn’t do anything with that learning, if you learn something from experience, then you haven’t failed.

Four. Change your mind: If you manage to change your attitude, as we mentioned, you will change your reality.

5. Transform by failure: the moment you decide to be the best version of yourself through failure is when your life changes and i’ll show you how.

As an investor, and as a person, failure is one of the most useful tools because it is what allowed me to understand the behavior of the stock market, the scope of the cryptocurrenciesthe demand of the real estate market, among other types of investment and above all, caused me to be a happier person who enjoys his process and his life. The conditions in which one fails or the number of times does not determine the potential for future success.

Arens Christian
Arens Christian


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