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Keys to investing your money and not wanting to ‘die’

Who would not want to improve their financial situation? The key, as in most things in life, is not to want or want something but to know how to do it.

We can all, and must, organize our finances so that our savings do not systematically lose value. The problem with investing is that most of us do not even know where to start, ”says financial expert Natalia de Santiago.

Many questions arise when one is about to take the first steps in the world of investments.: Can I make a profit on a little money? Should you invest everything in real estate or physical assets, or do you prefer to diversify? Is it better to fund investment or bet on cryptocurrencies?

For De Santiago, trainee engineer, cashier by profession and specialist on the economic impact of climate change “The success of any investment will depend on itself, as we also learn to invest, without having to find a miraculous investment that would make us a millionaire”.

To invest, you do not have to be rich or spend the whole day glued to the computer screen.. To clean up our finances, grow our money and work for us, it is enough to have some savings and learn how to manage them with a little wisdom ”, he asserts.

De Santiago has worked in finance in Paris, Madrid and Munich. In 2009 he co – founded MyValue Solutions, a leading company in ‘open banking’ technologies (digitally sharing financial information), in 2021 he published his first book, ‘Invest in You’, and has now released his second work: ” Invest a little ”.

Natalia De Santiago shares some key recommendations with EFE to invest all or part of our savingsto prevent our money losing value through inflation, and to live a better and more peaceful life:


Everyone will benefit from one type of investment or another depending on their economic situation, the period in which they need the money and its risk profile, both objective (how much can I invest) and subjective (how much risk can I bear without losing sleep) ”, according to De Santiago.

It precisely indicates this, “before contracting an investment, they will carry out a ‘suitability test’ to offer us only products that fit our profile”.


De Santiago advises not to allow yourself to be influenced by non-experts or people with little knowledge of the world of investing.

“You should not shy away from influences like ‘my brother-in-law says …’, first because brothers-in-law only speak when the markets are doing well and then because the investment is the best to you. a brother-in-law may not be the best one for you. for you, “he says.
“Furthermore, the investment that suits you best today may not be the one that suits you in a few years,” he says.

When in doubt, this expert recommends advise you and do not be ashamed Ask as much as necessary, until we understand everything well ”.


Quantity and variety of products marketed today that allow for minimal cash contributions, from investment funds to cryptocurrencies and micro-investments in a real estate projectso much so that you can always find an option that suits our needs ”, he says.

However, in order to determine which investment or combination of investments is best for us, as well as the structure of our assets and the time period for which we want to invest, it is important to select investments that we understand well, ie suits our personality, and risk tolerance, and what we are looking for, whether living in peace or releasing adrenaline, stands out.


-The first step. “The first thing is to make sure our financial health is good enough to start investing”, Points out De Santiago.

This means that he has saved at least six months of net salary, adequate level debt (installments of your loans, including mortgage and card payments installments do not exceed 40% of your net income) and be able to save at least 10% of your net income, points it out.

-The second stage. “We need to decide how much money we want to invest and, above all, in what term. In other words, when do we want to recover it, because depending on it, one type of investment or another will suit us, ”says this expert.

De Santiago advises start small, a small amount per month, and invest long term. “In other words, just invest the money that you will not need in the next three or five years,” he advises.

-The third step. De Santiago suggests comparison. “You do not have to wait for the first thing the bank offers you on the corner, but ask for offers from three different banks or managers to see what each one offers you. and ensuring that we fully understand all the terms and conditions and, in particular, the costs ”, he says.

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