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How to invest in the stock market through apps?

Investing in the stock market seemed to be a practice that only people with big capitals could do. But today, with the opening and appearance of new digital platforms that act as brokers (companies that organize transactions between buyer and seller on the stock market), investing in the stock market is much easier than it seems and within the reach of ordinary citizens.

When a person decides to enter this market, he must survey stockbrokers -or brokers– That the Financial Supervision supervises them to make sure that their capital is in good hands. In this case, digital platforms such as Tyba, Trii and Robinhood are good options which, in addition to security, offer a wide range of investment possibilities.

These enterprises allow transactions in the stock market with cheap commissions and with really low amounts that can start from 5 dollars (about 22 thousand Colombian pesos).

Carlos Guayara, co-founder of Trii, emphasized in a conversation with SEMANA that one of the first steps to take into account when making an investment is “the prospects of the land” and to do it in the long term.

“People want to become millionaires overnight and never think about money again in their lives, but those kinds of things don’t exist. There are international investors, huge names, who made their fortune investing in the stock market, but doing so over 10, 20 or 30 years,” said Guayara.

Educating yourself is another critical step when making the decision to allocate some of your savings to the stock market. It is not necessary to complete a degree or start expensive courses, but it is convenient to understand the way the market works and to know the characteristics of the company in which the shares will be bought.

In this case, technology is a great ally -again- as there are numerous videos on YouTube or internet portals to train. Of course, books that explain the basics of trading are also quite helpful.

In the meantime, setting an investment strategy and goals is essential. “The first thing is to know what I am going to invest for: on holidays, to pay for my children’s university, to retire? Any of these goals must have another strategy, ” said Guayara.

Investors should also know that, in addition to stocks, it is possible to diversify the portfolio and choose investment vehicles such as cryptocurrencies, a market that basically has the same principles as the stock market, but is much more volatile .

Although it is true that investing in cryptocurrencies is an attractive option due to its liquidity and democratization, experts emphasize the importance of analyzing such a changing market. “In any investment, the risk will be associated with ignorance,” said Santiago Pérez, expert on crypto assets and co-founder of Universo Cripto, SEMANA.

Another excellent investment option is foreign exchange or real estate, which can work for more conservative profiles who are not willing to take a high level of risk.

It should be noted that the companies that list their shares on the Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC) welcomed more than 25,200 new shareholders in 2021 to reach a total of 544,891 investors. This represented a 4.9% increase compared to 2020, when there were 519,650 members.

*This article is not an investment recommendation.

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