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Here’s how this young server managed to save more than 260,000 euros in just 6 years

The IS personal finance it is an aspect of education that is usually largely neglected. Although it is not taught in school since we are small, most of the tips are obtained through family or friends. According to experts, one of the best ways to teach young children value for money it is to begin to lay the foundation for savings, from strategies for sharing the money to informing them about existing taxes or the operation of banks.

This is precisely the feeling of Darcy, a young woman who found herself lost in the world of work after graduating from university. Although first he began earning money for temporary positions in generositylittle by little he realized that these jobs would not offer him the income he needed to fulfill his greatest dreams, such as buying a home or traveling the world.

Faced with this situation, he decided to make a complete change in his life and began to do so design your first budget. The first step in increasing his income was to invest some of his money, after learning two years, he managed to accumulate almost 100,000 euros. Today, at the age of 27, he already has assets of 261,300 euros, he explains in Fás.

FIRE Movement

One of her keys to learning about the FIRE (Financial Independence, Early Retirement) movement, which is based on diversify income over salary to achieve a large budget that allows users to retire before the age of 30. Setting his limit of € 1 million, he decided to invest his money in index funds. In addition, as soon as possible, he opened a pension fund and another savings fund that would allow him to better manage his money.

With all his financial knowledge he started looking for other employment opportunities with better salaries. Optimize your LinkedIn profile to reach recruiters and contacted the companies to submit their application. In fact, he has created his own blog, We Want Guac, where he recommends best savings tips to other readers.

When he got a new job he received a salary of 57,010 euros a year, and a year and a half later he got another better opportunity which gave him up to 81,715 euros a year. Despite your investments also caused lossesthanks to its budgeting system, it has been able to offset and continue to meet its financial objectives.

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