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Due to a lack of degree due to the covid, the puppeteer argues Virgil Venance

With her “Téat Bwa Sèk”, Virgil Venance returned to work in her own way. He meets his puppets on the pedestrian street and on the shores of Fort-de-France. Solution found after months of asthma due to health crisis.

To the tune “Dolly dawn”, Labelle with Pitak takes on the stage “Téat Bwa Sèk”. The two characters then dance to the rhythm of the percussion to enjoy the young audience of the day. On their bike or scooter, they can’t resist the art profession.

Children approach to enjoy the show.

© Peggy Pinel-Féréol

This improvised theater was born from the fertile spirit of Virgil Venance. Actor and puppeteer, he imagined the characters, the story and made the string puppets, costumes and sets.

He sets up his theater on the pedestrian street in downtown Fort-de-France on weekdays and on the beach at weekends. Returning to his art after several months of inactivity, on the health crisis that particularly affects entertainment professionals.

It is a shared desire. Huge desire to play because it’s been two years since I played so I do and I play. The second desire is to earn money, because you have to eat.

Virgil Venance, actress and puppeteer

He’s restless in the show. Special status that allows support for unemployment benefits based on the number of hours worked efficiently (507 hours over 12 months). However, without a stage or a show for months, it is difficult to achieve this goal. In addition, the “blank year” system implemented by the State ended on 31 December 2021.

Labelle and Pitak are the characters composed and made by Virgil Venance.

© Peggy Pinel-Féréol

Despite his twenty years of experience, he still has the opportunity to play on the street with a shrug on the community.

This is where you meet people of all kinds. There are big ones, small ones, people from different social classes. Everyone is looking at the puppets, that’s interesting to see. It takes a small smile from them. I love that. And it nourishes me too.

The scene, in a more classic way, thinks about it, but the “ongoing projects you will still have to wait.

Like most Martinican artists, we do not have the health passport, many rooms are currently closed to us. So let’s wait for things to settle down. But there are projects indeed.

Meanwhile, Virgil Venance is collecting ideas and stories for her “Téat Bwa Sèk”. New rope and sleeve puppets should be added soon.

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