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Dollar: this is the reason for its shortage in exchange houses Finance Economy

Recently, it was known that the merchants of the exchange houses are not selling dollars because, according to them, there is no availability. What has created speculation is not only about the future of this situation, but also about the reasons for it.

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In this regard, the director of Asoprocambios, Martha del Pilar Martínez, said in an interview with Blu Radio station, primarily, There are two reasons for the shortage of US currency in the countryone related to the election of Gustavo Petro as the new president of Colombia.

“It needs to be clarified that a shortage of dollars in exchange offices can be due solely to the logical effect of an activity that occurs without an actor able to enter the market in such a way. The shortage is happening for two reasons: one, because not all offices are open on public holidays of change at the national level, and, two, because an explosion in demand due to collective imagination The previous news was that Gustavo Petro’s election as president to generate a lack of control in the stock market had not happened “, Martínez explained.

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And he clarified that this was not due to the accumulation of money in exchange houses. “It simply came to our notice then. “Yesterday the exchange offices had a normal flow of buying and selling foreign currency. A momentary speculation may eventually emerge, but that is not the criteria of all exchange offices,” he said.

As for what might happen next, he indicated that, over time, the situation would return to normal and, presumably, the price of the currency will come close to the Market Representative Rate (TRM).


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