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Do you want to attract money? Avoid these phrases at all costs

There are words that are part of our everyday vocabulary and can be blocking our abundance, avoid them

Have you noticed that when you are more negative or in a worse mood, everything starts unexpectedly complicated?

That is with us we attract, with our words and actions, all situations good and bad; or at least, most of it.

He is it has to do one hundred percent with our energy, and if it is flowing positively or negatively. This energy can be transmitted and received to other people or even to objects. If you want to attract money and abundance into your life, take care of your energy flow.

We must understand the importance of each of our thoughts and especially the words, which are directly related to attracting the law. “Be impeccable with your words”, Miguel Ruíz would say in his book the 4 agreements.

in second place Australian writer and screenwriter Rhonda Byrne popularized “The Law of Attraction” for her book The secret(2006).

The author explains how through our actions and thoughts this ‘universal law’ is put into effect so that everything you think becomes reality.

In short: you will receive the same energetic frequency that you release. Is The theory was invented by the American occultist William Walker Atkinson, a pioneer of ‘New Thought’.

Based on these universal principles we will tell you all those phrases that we keep repeating unconsciously and that prevent us from attracting money and abundance naturally and without obstaclesoften, generated by our fears, bad practices and thoughts.

Phrases to avoid at all costs if you want to attract money

If you want abundance to enter your life, forget about the following phrases, which, I bet, are part of your daily vocabulary.

“I don’t have money”

By constantly repeating it you are deceiving, blocking the energy of abundance and convincing your mind that it is so. You are making sure that the money does not reach your hands or the result is small.Replace it: “I am investing my money in other purposes”.

“I have no time”

Every word and thought becomes law. Every time your day feels shorter or you will be filled with activities that do not make you feel good.Replace it with: “I have to find space in my work schedule to be able to do that activity.”

“I’m poor”

One must be poor not only with material goods and wealth, but also with poverty of spirit, lack of eloquence, knowledge and harmony. Don’t make such toxic statements again.Replace it with: “I’m learning how to manage my finances”

“It never reaches me”

With this phrase you are perfectly declaring that the money, good hearts and blessings that come into your life are not enough to cover all your needs. It will never be enough.Replace it with: “Every time I manage my resources better.”

“I couldn’t buy that”

Why do you put your foot like that? You are apprehensive that you will never have enough resources to achieve something that could become part of your life with a little work and a good attitude.Replace it with: “I am from now to have such a date.”

Other tips to help you attract money:

Eliminate your debt:

Until you finish them you can go on to have more income. If it’s loans or credits, keep them up to date and avoid interest at all costs.

make peace with money

Think of it as a necessary tool to achieve your goals and dreams, with undeniable energy and full of light, a good ally, a good friend, not something that worries or stresses you.

let it flow

When you pay something, don’t do it with sadness, but with pleasure and that way it will be doubled.


There is nothing better than sharing, giving gifts, inviting someone you love to eat, in fact, when you do it with pleasure, double the money.

don’t boycott yourself

Stop thinking that you can’t get enough resources, or that you can’t do it. Or that only others can, or can, create success. The limits are only in your mind.

Hang out with the right people

Choose friends who always give you something, encourage you to exercise, to start a business, to travel. Stay away from those who only complain about their life and the lives of others, they will kill you.

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