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Wendy bets on the metaverse and wins a custom victory

  • Fast food articles battle Generation Z’s stomach and wallet in the metric.
  • Wendy’s chief marketing officer Carl Loredo thinks “many brands are lagging behind” when it comes to Gen Z.
  • He explained why Wendy’s succeeded in the metaverse and it is not for everyone.
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Fast food restaurants dive into the metric, from Chipotle creating a Roblox popup window to McDonald’s, which filed a trademark for a virtual restaurant. But it is the brand whose bet is perhaps most on the metaverse Wendy’s.

During March, the brand founded the “Wendyverse” in Meta’s Horizon Worlds, the social media company’s virtual reality platform. Customers can visit Wendy’s virtual point of sale there. On June 15, she announced the next version of the Wendyverse; This one will add a castle full of virtual games called “Sunrise City” to promote its breakfast menu.

Leading the effort is Carl Loredo, director of marketing, who took office three years ago. In fact, it expands Wendy’s Gen-Z marketing efforts with moves like partnering with Fortnite in 2019. It also launched an up-and-coming restaurant with a “Rick and Morty” theme last year.

In fact, Loredo, which is part of it List of 2022 Most Innovative Insider CMOsTalk about Wendy’s metaverse marketing playbook and why it’s not for everyone.

The metaverse is the business opportunity for companies like Wendy’s

First, he emphasized the existence of authentic interactions with fans, citing the brand ‘s success on Twitter and Twitter with its gaming associations with “Mario World” and “Fortnite.”

“Many brands are lagging behind. They jump to any of these platforms; and the first thing they do is try to put a logo on the wall, ”said Loredo. “With the generation Zif you come in an unrealistic way, boy, they will knock you out immediately.

Wendy was also aware of where customers were hanging out to avoid the hype surrounding NFTs. Instead, it focused on Meta’s Horizon Worlds, where it most likely had its target audience.

Her eloquence is echoed in Wendy’s early twitch on Twitch, where she amassed 113,000 followers when she saw she could appeal to Gen Z.

Wendy's and the metaverse.
The pop-up “Rick and Morty” by Wendy Los Angeles.

Wendy bets the metaverse will promote future sales

But Loredo knows that today’s customers may not even leave in Wendy’s physical restaurant. It is therefore even more important to him than digital interactions. For him, it’s essential that social networks feel authentic and that people want to return; even if there is no immediate sale.

To that end, Wendy’s is banking on its social media ability to take control of the metaverse. His team is already known for their sarcastic tweets, which received 3.9 million followers, and “fight” with other fast food Twitter accounts.

And it’s made up of people with different passions, from Disney to gaming to WWE; this allows them to go “through a deeper level” when interacting with fans, according to the manager.

“Ultimately, having all those passions and being able to connect them to the passions of the fans is very important,” Loredo said. “The reason we’re so good on Twitter is because I know we’ll be great in the metro and the Wendyverse too.”

Also, Wendy made sure Wendyverse is not just for hardcore gamers or tech enthusiasts. People will be able to participate by watching through the Horizon World web interface; there, Meta is working, or when the Wendy app is in use.

Wendy’s success on the metaverse is personal

The consulting firm McKinsey & Co. measta recently the metaverse could be worth as much as $ 5 trillion by 2030. So far, ordering through the app is required, but Loredo imagines a time when diners can order food through the app. virtual restaurant from Wendy’s and get it in your physical home.

“Obviously there is a business side to this in the future,” he said. “What we are doing is following our consumers and that means first, perhaps not the greatest overall economic impact.”

While “Sunrise City” is a great example of attracting fans in a cool environment, it’s also a warning for brands looking to emulate Wendy’s virtual success, Loredo said.

“I often get a question from Fortune 50 brands: How do we do what you do? And my immediate response please do not try to do what we are doing, “Loredo said. Because it’s exclusive to Wendy’s. I don’t know if every brand has consumers who will be in the metaverse space, at least immediately. “

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