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The universe of the metaverse spawns in EdP

EdP’s oldest generator and control panel simulator. / PHOTOS: JOSE SIMAL


Nature and transformation. A circular video with a disco effect, a virtual reality video game and a 105-year-old power generator, the main stories

EdP always surprises those who visit them. Thanks to its innovations in games and information about its own projects, the energy company has entered the parallel universe of the metaverse, where it has built its first green hydrogen plant. The space of the metaverse is located within virtual reality and is one of this year’s biggest attractions in video game form. Another novel, and without a doubt, the one that will attract the most attention, is the change of the logo. Previously, EdP was associated with a recognizable red symbol. This year, however, they chose a circular logo that symbolizes the nature and circularity of energy, in blue, gray and green colors that stand out against a white background.

Outside, the vertical garden of 3,500 plants continues to attract attention for the second year in a row.

17 crazy seconds

In this edition you can win tickets to attend another day at the Fair and a scholarship to surf ten days in Hawaii

In the first part of the tour, there is information about the company’s achievements. They highlight all the hydro, thermal and wind farms it has, as well as what it plans to have in the future. Well, his goal for 2025 is to abandon coal and for 2030, to be completely green.

The first newcomer to the Fair is a power generator simulator with a control panel that can activate everything you want. It is an exact reproduction of the generator at the La Malva hydroelectric plant in Somiedo, the oldest in the company at 105 years.

The second novel is a circular video. In the circular room, there is a round platform that anyone who wants to can climb alone or together. When the light is activated, the camera will start rotating on the scene resulting in a fun 17 second video that will be sent to the participants via Whatsapp.

Circle video. Two women enjoy recording the video on the circular platform.

Before he ends his tour, after passing through the corridor his slogan and commitment ‘Leading the energy transition’, EdP comes in surprise. All attendees will be able to immerse themselves in the Universe of the metaverse through one of their computers and play with Genín, the virtual tour guide. In this virtual reality game, everyone who can create an avatar will have to generate green hydrogen by taking energy and splitting it into hydrogen and oxygen. Whoever gets it will get a virtual EdP sweatshirt to continue playing the metaverse from anywhere they want, since it’s a free space that everyone who wants can access it.

Photocall in front of a waterfall

EdP always gives gifts to its visitors and those who interact with them through their social networks. This year was not going to be any less. The energy company proposes two outdoor photocalls: a waterfall and its vertical garden. Whoever uploads a photo to their networks naming the EdP profiles will receive a free ticket to return to the Fair.

In addition, he has an active gift for people who love surfing: ten days to Hawaii. Those amateurs will be able to show that they know how to stay on top of the wave with a surfboard that EdP will have outside its stand, all they have to do is take a photo, upload it to social networks and they’re already there . participate in the energy company’s lottery.