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The metaverse and business

Moises Carbajal Brown

These days there was talk in various forums about the metaverse and the development of the creative industries from the point of view of innovation and entrepreneurship. But I want to share with you that sometimes we have to start from scratch to fully understand these new concepts.

Some experts define the metaverse as “the universe outside reality, a perpetual and continuous multi-user environment that merges physical reality with digital virtuality”, in other words, an alternate reality where artificial intelligence and augmented reality coexist to live in “parallel” world.

If we review history, we have been creating alternate realities for years with mythology, paintings, photographs, even 4D experiences and the video game industry. The difference is that augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies allow us to transport ourselves to an incredible parallel world in an interactive and functional experience.

We imagine visiting universities, shopping malls and endless places without leaving home, getting all kinds of services and doing commercial transactions. The opportunities are countless and will surely change our daily lives in a few years.

Entrepreneurs, there is a turn to see new technologies as a constant in a world where these are implemented in less time and exponentially. Let’s take advantage of this window of opportunity and explore new ways of doing business, be happy!