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Perform the first neurosurgery on the metaverse

  • From telemedicine, we went to medical consultations on the internet and now the next step is the metaverse.
  • With a virtual avatar, a specialist in Brazil made history by performing the first neurosurgery in the metaverse.
  • For the intervention, a hyper-realistic 3D printed baby doll was used.

The way of caring for patients has remained the same for centuries but in the last twenty or thirty years it has changed completely. Until not long ago, the only modality was face-to-face, but today it is different because there are more options. It is the latest metaverse and its possibilities are so vast that even an operation as complex as neurosurgery is already possible.

Progress achieved during the last half century

As part of this evolution, since the late 1970s, the telemedicine. It emerged with the aim of offering medical services in remote areas or far from major cities. These places have residents but usually lack health professionals.

The main geographical barrier is because it is not easy to access these communities. In addition, other factors also influence the violence and insecurity prevail.

The next step came with the beginning of the 21st century and the triumph of digital tools. At the moment the appeared online medical consultations. Now the doctor and the patient only need to have a mobile device with a network to perform the service.

This option saw its greatest growth during the Covid-19 pandemic. The population’s fear of going to health centers caused them to resort to this modality.

The latest in healthcare

But now is the time to talk about the present and what will celebrate the future of health. It’s over metaverse and to demonstrate that there are no limits, a hospital performed the first neurosurgery simulation in history.

In this case we are referring to the Sabará Children’s Hospital of São Paulo in Brazil. At the forefront of this achievement was the Dr Giselle Coelhowho used a named avatar Dr Geex during the procedure. It is A hyper-realistic replica of the doctor herself, similar to those seen in video games.

metric neurosurgery

Regarding neurosurgeryHe was endoscopic brain tumor biopsy and marked an unprecedented event because this type of intervention had never been done before in the metaverse.

“This project will help share clinical knowledge in complex pediatric surgeries, such as neurological ones. Otherwise, they would not have access to information. This technology therefore expands knowledge and specialized treatment options for patients.”

For the patient, a 3D printed hyper-realistic baby doll. The model was created from actual examinations of a patient and had its physical characteristics.

For his part, to carry out the intervention simulation, the medical team used several HoloLens Virtual Reality Glasses. With this device, interaction in the real environment is achieved through gestures and voice similar to what happens in everyday life.

From the above, an important step was taken regarding the possibilities of this technology. Although it will be useful not only in the medical field but it is also planned to be the new way of communication between people.