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Paintings that come to life: the exhibition presents works related to augmented reality that allow a futuristic experience to live in the metaverse

As part of the exhibition ‘La Resistencia del Pincel’, organized by Studio A at the Contemporary Art Museum of Lima (MAC), nine paintings were tackled with the augmented reality technique, which allows visitors to live a different experience while admiring the an example in two parallel realities.

In the virtual tour, viewers can see the pictures come to life and some of the elements move with sound. At the same time, observe the reality that happens simultaneously in the metaverse, thanks to the augmented reality. Similarly, each frame has a QR that redirects to Instagram filters so that the experience can be lived through the mobile phone.

For Claudia Hidalgo, general manager of Studio A, a pioneering branding agency in Peru and author of the creation of more than 1,000 projects for important brands in the country over the past 40 years, she explains that “initiatives like this are not only to add value. Peruvian culture hand in hand with technology in social networks, but it also contributes to the promotion of the work of our artists affected by the pandemic”.

‘La Granadilla’ by Diana Quirzo (Iparía, Ucayali 1980)

The interstitial paintings show different landscapes, customs, flora and fauna of the majestic cities of Peru. Among the Peruvian artists participating in this exhibition are: Hupik, Víctor Guerra Pinedo, Pedro Rojas Meza, Luis Saquiray Macuyama, Temistocles Arce Pampa, Diana Chávez Vásquez, Casilda Pinche Sánchez, Jorge Matos Pezo and Marlin Paredes Tenazoa.

Finally, this innovative activation is possible thanks to the collaboration of Meta, which animated the works in the exhibition, to discover and demonstrate part of the evolution of social network technologies such as augmented reality, one of the technologies of the metaverse. According to the company, the metaverse will be the next evolution in social technologies and successor to the mobile internet. It is a collective effort of people from all over the world to build it. This exhibition of paintings with augmented reality is on display until August 14 at MAC, Barranco.

The exhibition is at the Museum of Contemporary Art until 14 August.