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Meeting in the metaverse, Jair Bolsonaro makes his first official virtual meeting

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This Friday the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonarotook part in his first meeting in the metaverse.

This is the technology that makes it possible to bring together virtual reality environment for people who are in different parts of the world through avatars, according to the presidency of that country.

Bolsonaro met in the metaverse with him communication ministerFabio Faria, who documented the entire meeting from California (United States of America) and published it on social networks.

Director of the The National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), Leonardo Euler, who is with Farias visiting companies in the technology hub of Silicon Valley in California.

“We held the first meeting of the Federal Government of Brazil in a virtual environment with the support of Dual360 (one of the companies that developed equipment for this technology). Directly from California we met the president to experience a different level of connection. in the metaverse The future has arrived and we are with it,” wrote Faria on his Twitter account.

The president of Brazil took the opportunity to praise the incentives from your Government for the electronic games sector.

“Since the beginning of the Government, we have reduced, almost to zero, the taxes on various equipment used by game developers in Brazil. We know that the number of people who play games in Brazil and in the world is something amazing, mainly among young people” he said during the meeting.

What did Bolsonaro talk about in the metric?

According to Faria, the meeting was to inform the president about how The United States is evaluating the development and implementation of new technologies in Brazil, mainly after the implementation of 5G mobile telephony.

“I wanted to point out that everyone was very impressed with what the Government has done in terms of innovation in recent years and I want to announce that this is the first time that the president of Brazil has had a meeting on the great,” said the Minister. .

So was the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro into the new technologies to meet in the metaverse