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Mastercard develops comprehensive spaces in the metaverse

In the context of pride month, financial institutions and companies seek to create inclusive digital spaces, through the metaverse they seek to provide virtual experiences that encourage free expression.

In this sense, Mastercard and the Decentraland virtual reality platform announce the official launch of Mastercard Pride Plaza, a space developed on blockchain technology that seeks to create a meeting point for inclusion.

With this campaign, multinational financial services seeks to open up participation sites to the LGBTQIA + community, in new technologies and environments such as metaverses.

The idea of ​​exploring technologies with a comprehensive background is that different communities can approach financial technology products from different platforms, which facilitates the expression of identity, according to Roberto Vila, leader of external brand and digital communications for Mastercard Latin America. and the Caribbean.

“Financial services are a right, we should all be able to have a bank account, to finally access credit, which allows for development as an entrepreneur or family well-being. And in this case, you also have to think about LGBTQIA + community – friendly products and spaces ”, said Vila.

The manager recalled that there are conflicts for the LGBTQIA + community as well as the low inclusion in the country, so it is essential to provide spaces that encourage them to express themselves freely. “We want to provide the people benefit, internally, with a set of utilities, not just support for the community,” he said.

Within the Mastercard Pride Plaza, LGBTQIA + activists will participate and event participants will be encouraged to learn about non-inductive signals (NFTs).

“Cryptocurrency wallets, the metaverse, and related concepts can be a little frustrating to understand because we are not familiar with them, so we want this to be an opportunity to explore that whole NFT part. Vila added.