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UNICARIBE will host the Virtual Educa Gran Caribe 2022 regional education forum

The IS University of the Caribbean (UNICARIBE) will be the headquarters of Virtual Educa Greater Caribbean 2022the educational forum that brings together lecturers and coordinators from different countries of the region.

The public and private sectors participate in the forum, as well as representatives of international organizations and civil society, with the aim of improving education and academic exchange with a view to 2030.

The forum, organized by UNICARIBE, Virtual Educa and the Open University for Adults (UAPA), will take place in the Banco BDI Hall of the host university on the 22nd and 23rd of this month, with the theme “Changes in technology and the future of higher education”, and aims to create a space for dialogue for the exchange of experience and projects that allow the different sectors to come together for high quality education at the regional level.

The Virtual Educa meetings are sponsored by the educational, multilateral, governmental and cooperative institutions of the host country. Likewise, it has the support of numerous organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean, giving the event a hemispheric paradigm.

The inaugural action will take place on Monday 22 at 9:00 in the morning, led by the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MESCYT), Dr. Franklin García Ferimín; executive director of Virtual Educa (United States of America), Adelino Sousa; and rector of UNICARIBE and president of the Dominican Association of Universities (ADOU), teacher José Alejandro Aybar Martín.

Also by the doctors Ángel Hernández, Minister of Education, rector of the UAPA, María Acosta, José Ramón Holguin Brito, Deputy Minister of the Presidency; and Edtrudis Beltrán, rector of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD).

For two days, well-known experts in national and international education will launch a busy program of conferences, forums, panels, aimed at the countries of the region to continue progressing in education in the future in this digital age.

Conference and panels

The Minister of Education, Dr. Ángel Hernández, the event with the conference on the impact of education in the Future; after that the Undersecretary of administration and finance of the Ministry of Education of Medellín, Colombia, Juan David Agudelo, took part in the Medellín award. A special area of ​​science, technology and innovation.

Later, Claudio Rama, from Virtual Educa / IESALC-UNESCO, Uruguay, will present the University 4.0 conference. Already in the afternoon, the University’s Panel Challenges and regional integration of the Greater Caribbean will be developed, with the participation of Marco Esquivel, academic vice rector of the Universidad San Marcos, in Costa Rica; Mauricio Hernández, rector of the Universidad del Istmo in Panama; Luis Felipe Guerrero Agripino, rector of the University of Guanajuato, Mexico; and directed by Rosalía Sosa, extension director of the UASD.

The event will continue with the conference Student Loans – Colombian Good Practices, with Manuel Acevedo Jaramillo, Rector of CES Medellín, Colombia; followed by the presentations Technology recommendations for education, by Eugenio Freire, Vice President at Anthology LATAM, Colombia; and Training Alternatives, by Renzo Casapía, director of Coursera Enterprise LATAM, Mexico.

The Virtual Educa program will continue with the conference The Future of Citizenship, given by Roberto Heycher Cardiel Soto, executive director of Electoral Training and Civic Education of the National Electoral Institute (INE), Mexico. Likewise, Challenges in Higher Education, developed by Sergio Mena, rector of Gabriela Mistral University, Chile.

On Tuesday the 23rd, the event ​​will continue with the discussion of the Challenges of higher education, with Rafael Martínez, director of Institutional Relations at UTEL University, and José Castillo, general director of UPAL, Private University of Germany-Peru; followed by the presentation Digital transformation of higher education, by Alejandro Almazán Zimerman, CEO at Google for Education Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, Mexico; and Fernanda Montes de Oca, responsible for the private sector in Latin America.

In the afternoon, the panel Challenges 2030 for higher education: internationalization and university tourism, led by José Ramón Holguin Brito, Vice Minister of the Presidency, Dominican Republic, will be developed with panels representing the national universities Central del Este (UCE), Pedro. Henríquez Ureña (UNPHU), Action Pro Education and Culture (UNAPEC) and Ibero-American University (UNIBE).

Then the panel Developments of new platforms for Higher Education, led by German Álvarez, UNICARIBE deputy rector for Digital Transformation, with the panels Pabla Valentina Hernández Arbeláez, project execution manager at CloudLabs Virtual STEM, Colombia; Diana María Hernández, LATAM Regional Academic Manager, in Odilo, Spain. Jessica Rasmussen Key, account executive at Open LMS, Colombia; and Eduardo Juárez, country manager for Mexico and Central America at Edpuzzle, Guatemala.

In the same way, the Facilities Panel for educational training will be held. Experience of good government practices, led by Magdalena Cruz, vice rector of UAPA, with the participation of Manuel Acevedo Jaramillo, rector of Universidad CES de Medellín, Colombia; Rafael Féliz, Minister of Youth, Dominican Republic; José Cancel, Deputy Minister of MESCyT; Andrés Van Der Horst Álvarez, general manager of Fiduciaria Reservas, Dominican Republic.

Later, the conference Sixto Moya Herrera, Member of the Mexican Academy of Education, will present the urgency of social agreement in education. Next, the panel Needs from the point of view of the student will be developed, directed by Ricardo Winter, rector of the Dominican University of Industrial Psychology (UPI) and president of the Association of Private Universities (AUPRI), Dominican Republic, with students as panelists from the universities O&M, UNICARIBE, UTESA, UCE, and PUCMM.

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