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Players who come and go: the intimate, millionaire and undeniable relationship between the U and the Huachipato de Victoriano Cerda

Victorian Sow explodes. He got tired The last references to his name, which links him to business with the president of Azul Azul, Michael Clark, and has a decisive influence on the arrival of Cecilia Pérez to the board of directors of the concession that manages the Universidad de Chile, in the end. driving him mad The owner of Huachipato defends himself, but, above all, he attacks.

This is not the first time that he has been involved with the students. A few weeks ago, in fact, Rodrigo Goldberg, former sports director of the university club also hinted at the relationship. “I am talking directly about Victoriano Cerda. I take responsibility for my words. I have no proof. zero. And I will never have it, because it is impossible to find, but I have no doubt that Victoriano Cerda is one of those who bought shares in the U.. But without a doubt. And unfortunately I have no proof. zero zero. He is one of the people who bought shares of Azul Azul”, shot the Polaco on radio Cooperativa, where he works as a commentator.

Sow shows teeth. He issues a warning to his critics. He says that, from now on, he will not accept new attacks and that he will bring those responsible to court. “I will make it very short. I have not done business with Michael Clark. I never spoke a word to Cecilia Pérez about Azul Azul. After this, I will not continue to clarify every stupid thing that anyone can think of to invent. I will only sue anyone who thinks so from now on.”, he writes on his Twitter account, giving an account of his new attitude towards his mitigations and, above all, those involved in businesses in which he claims he has no involvement. Earlier he had declared it in a similar tone. “I do not own or have anything to do with Azul Azul or Sartor“, which was established earlier this month.

Due to the arrival of Mártín Parra as an alternative to Cristóbal Campos in the student arch, a controversy was created that included the third variable, which is just as powerful: the shadow of Fernando Felicevich. The goalkeeper comes on loan from Huachipato, but he was at Universidad de San Martín, in Peru, a club with which the businessman has a connection. The U, in order to save a hard time for the goalkeeper, who could be forced to respond to the relationship, decided not to hold the usual press conference in which he presents his reinforcements.

Further back, the list is long and, by the way, millionaire. The flow of players between the steelers and the students runs both ways. Of course it is The most significant thing is the voluminous figures that the U paid the steel companies for some of its main values. In 2019, for example, the deposit was for US $ 1 million, in exchange for half of the pass of Jimmy Martínez, who was never able to consolidate and who currently plays for Deportes La Serena.

This year, after the very poor campaign in which the steelers had mathematically risen and achieved salvation after tying the game due to the disqualification of Melipilla, two more players came to the CDA: Ignacio Tapia and Israel Poblete. The price, again, was substantial: around US$ 1.5 million. Yes, from the plant they show that the U will pay that value in three years, since that is how the agreement was agreed.

There are more cases. The blues signed the Panamanian Gabriel Torres, who finished a great campaign in Talcahuano, in 2019, which paid US$ 1.1 million for half of his passport plus, He delivered half of Nicolás Ramírez’s economic rights in the operation.

The flow was cut between 2020 and 2021, at the time when the sports management of the club was headed by Goldberg and Sergio Vargas. “In 2020 and 2021 we did not bring any player from Huachipato. In those years we had a very small budget. It reduced us by 20 percent. We realized that we had to look for cheap and cheap players. We get loans for free. Sergio I do not know how he did it for free. Before that, they always charged us between US$200,000 and US$400,000. There was a long list, with current contracts. Not that we did the cross for someone, but that we didn’t have the amounts. The club was unable to pay. We seek agreements with much lower clubs and representatives. Many accepted. Like Montillo, his representative did not charge a commission“, Polaco assures.

For that administration, the transfer of players between Talcahuano and La Cisterna also attracted their attention. “We considered the flow, but for the same reason what we wanted was to understand the why. We review player reports. And in some cases there was an overestimation. It is understandable. Everyone works with their trusted people. Since we didn’t have much luck, we had to optimize them. Many times they couldn’t find 1 or 2 on the list. Couldn’t. And he was not biased against a representative or a team. We saw Israel Poblete, but we had no way of knowing the price”, recalls the former striker.

In the other direction, players such as Sebastián Martínez, Nicolás Ramírez, Juan Ignacio Duma and Marcelo Cañete went from the U’s defense to wearing the blue and black jersey.

Ignacio Tapia and Israel Poblete, the day they were presented as reinforcements from the University of Chile. In the middle, Luis Roggiero.

The last case is probably the most paradigmatic: Yeferson Soteldo. The Venezuelan came to Chilean football in Huachipato, before the great campaign he finished in his country’s youth team. In Talcahuano there was no doubt about their category and they did not spare comparisons either. “It’s like Messiah”, they came to say.

In his first campaign in Chilean football, the midfielder confirmed the scrolls and, naturally, generated a lot of interest. The U went ahead and borrowed it. The figure was voluminous for transfer: US $ 1.5 million. The amount The expansion of the concession resulted in an increase of US$ 400,000 more. Although the students managed to enjoy the sparks of his talent, they also saw his irregularity. And also his bad temper. Indeed, after his departure, Soteldo shot against the blue club and its fans.

Yeferson Soteldo, during his time at the US

Huachipato was the one to celebrate. Soteldo’s departure through the blues not only guaranteed fresh resources, it also served as a platform for more millionaire operations. From Chilean soccer, the Venezuelan jumped to Santos, from Brazil, where he was one and even second in the Copa Libertadores. And from the Vila Belmiro team he went to Toronto, from Canada, which participates in the American MLS. For these movements Huachipato ended up around US $ 9 million. The U, on the other hand, he gained no weight.

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