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They propose tax benefits for businesses and companies

A project by Mayor Juan Martín Tito, of Avanza Libertad, which seeks to apply exemptions to various establishments and speed up the authorization processes.

The councilman of Avanza Libertad Juan Martín Tito presented a draft ordinance through which he aims to establish a series of tax benefits for businesses, companies and industries.

Tito’s objective, he explained, is to facilitate the establishment of this type of establishment in Pilar and, therefore, improve investments and the availability of jobs.

“We consider it essential to contribute through public policies that encourage reactivation and local socioeconomic and productive growth, promote the competitive development of existing small and medium-sized companies, as well as the emergence of new ventures and the establishment of industries in the municipality, generating employment. of quality”, explained Tito.

The project seeks that the qualifications be “free, automatic and express”, while calling for the “repeal of any rule that establishes a rate, right, canon or any other type of municipal tax whose taxable event is linked to the processing of an authorization of an establishment intended for a commercial, industrial or service provision activity”.

The qualifications, explained the councilor, must be given within two working days from the presentation of the request.

The project also proposes the exemption of various fees for one year for new entrepreneurs.

“The subjects covered by the present Regime that start their activities, after the entry into force of the present, will be exempt from the payment of the Monotasa (Tax for Safety and Hygiene Inspection, the Rights of Publicity and Propaganda, the Rights of Occupation or Use of Public Spaces and the Pest Control Rate), during the period of 12 (twelve) months counted from the first day of the month in which they start their activity, as long as they have correctly complied with the authorization process”, stated Tito.

In turn, in order to promote “self-management” initiatives, the mayor of Avanza Libertad proposed creating the Low Amount Loans (PBC) program, which will result in the granting of credits to entrepreneurs based in the municipal ejido.

“The credit will be for a sum that may not exceed the equivalent of 3 (three) minimum vital and mobile salaries. It will be granted at a rate of 0% (zero percent), and the capital delivered must be returned in up to 6 (six) monthly and consecutive installments -in the forms, modes and conditions established by the Enforcement Authority, with the beneficiary being able to cancel them in advance.” , large.

Lastly, and in terms of industries, Tito proposed creating the Program for the Promotion of Industrial Settlement, aimed at industrial establishments that settle in the municipal territory.

Those establishments, if the project is approved, will be exempt from the Security and Hygiene Tax for a period of 12 months, and from the Construction Rights as long as they refer to works related to the establishment of the company.

In addition, in order to promote employment in SMEs, Tito explained that the initiative seeks to establish a “tax credit regime for those SMEs that hire new personnel, and/or carry out activities aimed at improving their competitiveness.”

“When they increase the number of their personnel to work in their premises or establishments located in the Municipality, they will receive a tax credit of 45% of the Minimum Vital and Mobile Wage when the person hired is male; and 55% when you are a woman, for a maximum period of six months.

Free of procedures

Lastly, Tito stated in the bill that “any rule that establishes a rate, right, canon or any other tax concept whose taxable event consists of the mere generation of files must be repealed; presentation of writings, notes, claims or appeals; incorporation of sheets; unfiling of files and/or the issuance of photocopies of administrative actions in which the applicant is a party or legal representative of the former”.

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