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Stele of looting and corruption in Durango by Rosas Aispuro

Stele of looting and corruption in Durango by Rosas Aispuro

The alternation was very expensive for Durango. After being an entity historically governed by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (AT), in 2016 the panista became governor of the state Jose Rosas Aispuro Torresa governor who left the empty coffers and the debt largest in the last 25 years.

The last days of his administration were marked by the theft of thousands of pesos by one official state, hospitals without infrastructure, medicines or personnel, millionaire debts to the Juárez University of the State of Durango (PRETTY) and to the mayors.

While the money was denied to the items for which it was labeled, friends, compadres and people close to power received millionaire loans through the Durango Economic Development Secretariat

Six years of expense and waste of the golden bureaucracy for Durango to go into debt for around 20 billion pesos and the Alert System of the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit put it on a red light with a rating of ‘default’ for non-payment.

Of this debt, half is long-term and must be settled in 20 years, but the other half (9 thousand 835 million pesos), should already be paid.

about the situation, Marcela Andradedelivery-reception coordinator of the new PRI government Stephen Villegasexemplified that not even selling all the assets of the state government, such as the Bicentennial Convention Center, where Villegas took office, would pay the debt in the short term, so they will have to take drastic measures how to pay only what is urgent

At the same time that the entity was indebted and the payroll of the Government of Rosas Aispuro was swelled, its officials dedicated themselves to looting, they even did so until the last moment, taking advantage of the National Holidays and the change of administration

Minutes before the raising of the flag on September 16, elements of the Crime Investigative Police managed to capture in flagrante delicto a former public official while she stole money and official documents from the building of the undersecretary of Finance and administration of the state.

The woman identified herself as Luisa 33 years old and said that he worked as a technical assistant to the Undersecretary of Expenditures of the Ministry of Finance and Administration of the State Government: Joseph Alberto Bustamante.

The Attorney General of the State of Durango reported that the woman was arrested and placed at the disposal of a judge for the theft of one million 600 thousand pesos, documentation and an official seal owned by the Government of the state of Durango.

The ‘Sedecogate’ by Rosas Aispuro

At the highest point of the pandemic of COVID-19 and when society needed more support from the authorities, Governor José Rosas Aispuro was exploited by ‘Sedecogate’, a scandal of corruption y interest conflict that touched the political and business leadership of Durango.

To reactivate the economy, the former Secretary of Economic Development of the state, Ramon Tomas Davila Floresannounced that the Technical Committee of the Durango Fund Trust would begin to grant loans for the people of Durango.

But when micro, small and medium entrepreneurs tried to access the creditsthe Ministry of Economy He informed them that they would no longer give them appointments because they were already assigned.

Later, it was revealed that the members of the Technical Committee distributed among friends and relatives the 50 million pesos of the Durango Fundinstead of strengthening the economy and employment affected by the pandemic.

When he went to appear before the State Congress, Davila Floresaccepted that among the beneficiaries of the fund were several of his friends.

“Some, not all. Durango is very small and we are many friends. We have no limitation as to whether a business representative would or would not request financing, the reality is that it was for all entrepreneursall the industrial and those who were in need,” said the former state official.

Later it was revealed that 16 credits were granted for 500 thousand pesos authorized directly by the secretary of Economic development and not for him Technical adviceprecisely to members of the Council itself.

There were those who denied having received the loan and who announced that they would return the money to deliver it to those who needed it more than them.

For its part, the government of Rosas Aispuro applauded the good will of the businessmen who would return on financingannounced that it would review and strengthen the guidelines of the Credits to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and he never spoke of punishments or dismissals of those involved in the ‘Sedecogate’.

“They have informed us of their voluntary and solidary decision not to exercise the respective credit, giving the possibility of assigning those resources to other companies that require it. We are grateful for this gesture of goodwill and solidarity from the entrepreneurs”, the past administration announced in a press release.

During his government, Rosas Aispuro also reported that resources would be taken from various programs, such as the school uniforms for students, to redistribute them for the attention of the pandemic of COVID-19, but hospitals they always kept drug shortage and the poor conditions of the medical equipment and the buildings of the health sector persisted.

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