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SMEs in one year: larger and with 18% higher sales | SME

Small and medium-sized companies already sell 18% more than a year ago. The report Financial health of Spanish SMEs in the first half of 2022′ prepared by the fintech platform for SMEs Trinios reflects that Spanish SMEs have invoiced 2.3 million euros on average during the last year.

In total, according to the report, SMEs have obtained 350,000 euros more compared to the 1.96 million average of the previous twelve months, which represents a year-on-year increase of more than 18%.

The report highlights an increase in the number of clients of Spanish SMEs. It is estimated that they have an average portfolio of 204 clients, that is, 25% more compared to the closing data for the first half of 2021, when the number of clients was 163. The data, they warn in the report, compensates the decrease in average sales to each client, which has gone from 37,000 to 32,300 euros, that is, a drop of 12%.

Improvable financial health

The corporate CRO in Trinios, Julián Villalba, assures that in the last year Spanish SMEs “have managed to invoice more, overcoming the difficult macroeconomic situation derived from the impact of the war or the crisis of raw materials” According to the expert, the growth in invoicing This is because “many of them have diversified their client portfolio, but also in a context in which there was a large flow of money and financing whose origin is, on many occasions, in loans granted by institutional creditors.”

Even so, the financial health of SMEs still leaves room for improvement. The report shows that small and medium-sized businesses have seen an 11% increase in the amount owed on their credit sales. “If in June 2021 they were pending receipt of payments worth 501,000 euros, now they are almost 577,000,” says the expert, who warns that in the second quarter of the year the amount due from small and medium-sized Spanish companies will continue to increase. .

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