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NBCH introduced your loan in 36 installments for motorcycles, bicycles, travel and computers

NBCH introduced your loan in 36 installments for motorcycles, bicycles, travel and computers

Nuevo Banco del Chaco offers the possibility of accessing personal loans in 36 installments for the purchase of goods and services in participating companies. It is aimed at tourism agencies, bicycles, mattresses, computers, motorcycles and the fishing industry.

This financing will be mobilized from next Monday for regional assets and liabilities, experts and private sector employees who prove assets in Chaco Bank.

The announcement was made on Friday at a press conference chaired by New Bank of Chaco, Federico Muñoz Femenía, CEO Maia Woelflin and Product and Marketing Manager Daniela Romero, accompanied by Ernesto Scaglia of Economic. Chaco (Fechaco) and Iván Bonzi of the Resistencia Chamber of Commerce.

Muñoz Femenía thanked the support of Datosco, the Resistencia Chamber of Commerce and the wards of the entire province for the introduction of a “new channel for small and medium-sized businesses for the purpose of facilitating access to personal loans. It’s developed for those who need financing for their customers, so from next Monday we’ll make your loan available to them through New Bank of Chaco.

This line of personal loans allows you to finance up to 100% of your product or service in up to 36 months, with amounts according to each customer’s credit analysis. Business membership is mobilized in branches throughout the district for motorcycles, bicycles, computers, travel agencies, mattresses and seafood.

Tu Préstamo’s 36 installments are administered by participating companies, where the request is generated, which is then analyzed by the bank. Once approved, the loan is confirmed, the customer makes a corresponding signature and takes the product out of the store.

Ernesto Scaglia believes that “the company can manage with the customer because it is a very good way to build loyalty” and emphasized that “it will be applied throughout the province and like all joint actions, from the Economic Union that we follow so that more stores are included. “

At the same time, Bonzi thanked the work of the Nuevo Banco del Chaco team and for “this new proposal for businesses and consumers, to facilitate the sale of sales equipment and financing. These are large amounts that at this time do not have credit in 36 installments, so we hope that it will pay off very well for both the bank and the operation. “

Commercial real estate that wants to join Tu Préstamo in the 36 installment line can view the conditions for membership in all branches of Chaco Bank.

Your 36-installment loan is an opportunity offered by Nuevo Banco del Chaco to provide local finance clients with affordable financing, business support and a local economy boost.

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