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How to clean my credit history and get access to a new loan? | ADVERTISEMENTS

When you take out a loan, you become responsible and therefore obligated to pay. Unfortunately, no one is immune to unforeseen events and this is when people stop paying their installments and their credit score with Infocorp is affected. It is then that the bank reports your behavior to risk centers and you are marked as a “defaulting” or “bad paying” customer. In the future, other financial institutions will not be willing to lend to you.

This is a situation that is repeated every day for many Peruvians, but it has a solution. Here’s how you can clean up your credit history, pay off your debt, and get new credit.

Pay off your debt and apply for the bond: In the past few weeks, many workers have received their CTS payment and their AFP payout, an important amount to write off endless debt forever. When you do, make sure the bank gives you the default letter at the moment. At the end of this process, go to the Equifax offices to update the status of your debt as soon as possible.

Apply for debt relief: If the conditions you paid for your credit were the dominant reasons for you to stop paying your debt, then go to another party that will lend you the full amount you owe. The goal is to that you intend to acquire is more favorable than the previous credit; that is, have a lower percentage. This is how debt consolidation works. This financial system allows you to repay your installments and clean up your long-term credit history.

Remember, you can’t clean up your credit without paying. All credit information will continue to appear in the reports of financial institutions, and in addition, it is likely that you will be immediately rejected if you try to apply for a loan.

However, if you have debts registered with Infocorp and you need a credit that is as safe as a bank, but with the possibility of knowing if you qualify online, then you should go to fintech . This company is registered with the Superintendence of Banking and Insurance (SBS) and is one of the few entities that promotes financial inclusion, so if you do not have credit or are reported in Infocorp, with Prestamype you may get the loan you are looking for.

Prestamype: what are the requirements to qualify for a loan?

To be a , the main requirement is to have a property registered in the Public Registries (SUNARP) located in Metropolitan Lima or Callao. By accepting this type of loan, you can get from S/ 20 thousand to S/ 1 million in less than 15 days and clear your credit history in the short or medium term.

Prestamype has already paid out more than 150 million soles to more than 150 people who were looking for a flexible and inclusive loan. For more information and to know if you are pre-eligible, you can fill out the following form by visiting .


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