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Health officials in La Serena on alert due to debt held by the GGV Corporation with agreement entities or loans

La Serena health officials are on alert due to a problem they have had with the payment of agreements or loans and the Gabriel González Videla Corporation.

This was announced by the president of Afusam La Serena, Carlos Fuster, “our concern has to do with the payments of some agreements (…) in the salaries of officials, discounts are made for compensation, insurance and these entities provide benefits and we are seeing that with the corporation because historically this was paid a few months late, but the benefits were maintained, what we ask is that the issue of payments be regulated and officials have their benefits again”.

These benefits are being discounted in the salary payments, however, they are not being paid to the compensation funds, which has meant that some cannot access credit or other services or that they are even calling them repeatedly requesting the payment.

“This problem has been dragging on for a long time, but the entities give them some freedom to manage funds for a few months, as the delay has passed, officials are losing benefits (…) at least in the last month we have had claims of the officials, they call them because the charges are not to the entity but to the official”.

He added that “this reached a limit (…) we need this to be regularized, we have had a super complex time and have an additional annoyance that they are being harassed.”

Although they assured that the Corporation intends to solve the issue, they indicated that if the situation does not improve these days, they would paralyze functions on Friday.

Councilor’s discomfort

After learning of this situation denounced by the union on Mi Radio, councilor Daniela Norambuena expressed her concern and discomfort at the actions of the Gabriel González Videla Corporation.

She indicated that “I was completely unaware, I believe that no councilor is aware of this situation that is happening again in the Gabriel González Videla Corporation (…) the corporation’s model is absolutely exhausted and it must be cleaned up and closed.”

“Here we see that the administration has been terrible and we continue to have problems, we have to supervise but we cannot go further, we can go to the comptroller’s office, request information from the council, but we are not part of the directory (…) I would like to know what what those directors think because they are the ones who make the decisions”.

He also said that tomorrow, Thursday, the secretary general of the corporation, Ernesto Velasco, will participate in the finance commission to give an account of the work carried out in the entity.

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